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7th - 8th, October 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Develop tips, tools and practical strategies to achieve success and excel as a legal leader in the Public Sector


- Step up from legal specialist to leader and strategic business partner
- Expand your influence as a force for positive change in the workplace
- Develop high level communication skills
- Drive strategic change to improve procedures and meet agency goals
- Build productive relationships and lead proficient and capable teams
- Understand your role in driving a high performance culture
- Leverage your Emotional Intelligence to advance as a leader
- Apply coaching skills to effectively improve the capacity of others to achieve results
- Effectively manage the transition between career levels and roles
- Demonstrate your value as a legal leader
- Understand the growing expectations of legal professionals in the Public Sector
- Career planning and pathways in APS roles


James Fletcher

James Fletcher is the Managing Director at Alta Pete Consulting, providing consulting, training, and coaching to organisations and their leaders across public, private, and NFP sectors. James calls upon his experience as a former senior executive service Government lawyer, managing legal teams of as many as 30 lawyers, and his leadership of significant legal projects and important social policy legislative schemes, such as the problem gambling reforms, NDIS and stronger futures in the NT. A wide range of legal executives from top-tier to boutique firms have benefited from his expertise and insight. He has worked with law professionals in firms and in-house legal teams to define and execute strategic vision and grow as leaders. James' specialties include adaptive leadership, leading in a VUCA environment, leading change, and building productive and healthy workplace cultures. He has worked with organisations with thousands of staff to grow and evolve businesses.

Managing Director
Alta Pete Consulting


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Government Lawyers Accelerated Development Program

07 Oct - 08 Oct


The development of the Public Sector legal profession

- Current and emerging issues, and the implications for Government legal professionals

- Leadership in a complex and changing Public Sector environment

- Future trends and challenges and their impacts on Public Sector legal practitioners

- Identify and focus on the critical priorities for leadership success


From lawyer to leader – Enhance your leadership capabilities

- Transition from a legal specialist to become a strategic business partner

- Practical leadership tools for Public Sector legal practitioners

- The Senior Executive public service environment and what your clients need from their lawyers

- Enhance strategic thinking and problem solving skills


Authentic leadership for lasting engagement

- Make meaningful connections with your team through openness

- Inspire loyalty and boost work ethic through the power of empathy

- Encourage authenticity in your teams to improve client relations

- Embrace resilience and flexibility as key leadership skills


Enhance resilience to lead in times of change

- Strategies to manage change and uncertainty in the workplace

- Implement policies and procedures that reflect and embrace change

- Leadership styles that drive effective transformation and change 

- Provide effective support for your team, organisation and stakeholders

  • James Fletcher Managing Director Alta Pete Consulting


Effective team management and organisational coaching skills

- Master techniques that will maximise productivity

- Identify your best performers and how to retain talent

- Understand the needs of your team members and employees, and what motivates them

- Tips for managing difficult conversations to achieve positive outcomes


Effective communication and strategic influencing skills to build trust

- Sharpen your communication skills to become an expert legal leader

- Understand unique communication styles and tailor them to different scenarios

- Build trust, influence and credibility with internal and external stakeholders

- Tips for enhancing client relationships and service delivery


Leading with Emotional Intelligence

- Evaluate your EQ level and identify opportunities for development

- Understand your EQ and its impact on the way you are perceived as a leader 

- Leverage your Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

- Embrace qualities of empathy and understanding to become a better leader 


Build and sustain a high-performing culture in your legal team

- Sustainable leadership in times of Public Sector transformation and disruption

- Align legal practice and performance with organisational goals

- Formulate and implement individual and team goals to create target driven processes 

- Create a positive work environment to encourage professional relationships to flourish

  • James Fletcher Managing Director Alta Pete Consulting


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