Future of Finance Forum

Explore digital transformation & drive change as a key partner for business growth

  • November 12th - 15th, 2019
  • Mercure Sydney


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- Strategies for intelligent adoption of data technologies
- Develop & leverage trust in your professional relationships
- Learn to articulate value fluently in financial & non-financial terms
- Embrace the thought shift needed for a future-looking mindset


Dinny Evans

A Senior Finance Executive with 18 years’ experience at Qantas, Wesfarmers (Blackwoods) and Schneider Electric, working in cross-functional and complex global matrix environments. Successful in establishing best practice finance through ERP and planning tool implementations to create high performing and highly engaged efficient teams, driving performance through positive leadership embodying a strengths-based culture, and continuously promoting process improvement, commercial management and strategic thinking.

Head of Finance Reporting & Business Intelligence
Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety

  • Peter Dunlop
    Chief Financial Officer
    Sport Australia
  • Brittani Zakharchenko
    Head of Finance
    Hilti Australia
  • Thao Le
    Chief Financial Officer & Chief Information Officer
    Environment, Planning & Sustainable Development Directorate | ACT Government
  • Helen Dinh
    Head of Revenue Planning & Performance


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Mastering effective communication - where clarity meets context
How automation is driving efficiency & affecting skill needs
Where finance meets technology
Unlock your potential as a finance business partner
Ideas & strategies for stakeholder management
Reporting real value with non-financial performance
Inspiring confidence & restoring trust in the finance function
Data analytics for finance - Uncovering hidden opportunities
Reporting for social good
The journey to successful finance business partnering
Practical tips for powerful communication
Taking a forward looking view to partnering
Why trust is a must
Change - Evolve & thrive
Roundtable recap - Where we go from here
Financial modelling & predictive analytics
Pre-forum workshop

12 Nov


Communication remains a critical skill to have, especially when it happens across discipline, status, and even cultural barriers; often distinguishing leaders from experts. It is a multi-faceted ability that can be intentionally acquired. In this workshop, you will learn to craft and deliver meaningful messages that inspire confidence and drive results. 

Thought clarity and speech

- Appreciate the value in delivering a clear message

- Adapt your communication style to suit your message

- Articulate meaning with simplicity and effective word choice

Steps toward active listening

- The need for undivided attention 

- Provide feedback and demonstrate understanding

- Considered responses and understanding what they communicate

Non-verbal communication

- Read tone, facial expressions and body language with confidence

- Understand the influential power of proximity and connection

- The secrets of eye contact

Catering to nuances when communicating

- Demonstrate cultural sensitivity

- Communicate with different departments and disciplines

- Communicate with people at different functional role levels to you

  • Chris Weymouth Executive Director Renew Communication

Forum Day One

13 Nov

Case Study

Join Dinny as he unpacks Wesfarmer’s finance automation journey from concept to roll-out. Explore the core touchstones from stakeholder buy-in, implementation, and efficiencies gain, as well as the impact on the structure and changing skills profile of a successful finance team.


- A real-world roadmap for taking finance online, through web and cloud-based platforms

- Stakeholder engagement throughout a change project

- Skills and insights to re-equip yourself for the future of finance

  • Dinny Evans Head of Finance Reporting & Business Intelligence Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety

Case Study

Technology continues to transform the way finance operates, presenting incredible opportunities to provide ongoing value to the business. Learn tips for intelligent adoption from a progressive finance leader using cutting-edge technical skills to inform strategy.

- Understand how technology can support growth and profitability

- Hone your technical skills for greater relevance

- Leverage technology to support strategy and drive agility, scalability, and flexibility in your finance team

  • Helen Dinh Head of Revenue Planning & Performance eBay

Case Study

What is business partnering, and how does it add value to a finance function? Learn from award-winning CFO and thought leader, whose work exemplifies the role and relevance of the finance function as modern business partners.

- How to embrace the partnering mindset

- Tech - where it fits into the partnering model

- Best practice for effective stakeholder partnerships

  • Magdalena Kosior-Molloy Chief Financial Officer Holman Webb Lawyers

Case Study

The modern finance professional must be technologically savvy and an effective stakeholder manager - able to recognise and respond to varied priorities. Learn from Andre as he shares tips and robust techniques for achieving this.

- How to identify your key stakeholders

- Understand stakeholder needs/priorities

- Reskilling to deliver value, provide analytical insights and enable growth

  • Andre Koot Chief Financial Officer & Executive Director Asurion


Value is not always quantifiable, hence the need for it to transcend financial reporting. Despite the known benefits of non-financial performance reporting (NFPR), there is no consensus on how best to implement it. This panel discussion explores the benefits of NFPR and ideas for robust implementation. 

- Embrace NFPR as a lens to see into the future

- Learn to approach the NFPR trade-offs between relevance and comparability

- Disclosure - What should the threshold be?

  • Peter Dunlop Chief Financial Officer Sport Australia

  • Andre Koot Chief Financial Officer & Executive Director Asurion

  • Sandy Chakravarty Chief Financial Officer State Trustees

Case Study

Events leading up to the GFC and major reporting scandals underscore the need for trust in financial reporting and business partnering. Learn to approach this delicate subject as Linda reflects on how her leadership career has led her to think about trust and confidence-building in practical terms. 

- Trust - the litmus test for sound relationships

- Best practice for building trust from the ground up

- Leverage trust-based relationships for long-term value

  • Linda Armstrong Finance Director, ANZ Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Expert Commentary

Data is a useful tool for analysing past behaviour, but we often fail to embrace the opportunity it presents to look ahead. Learn how to leverage data to lean into the future and provide insight that stimulates sustainable profitability.

-Demystify data

- AI and automation - an opportunity to achieve grand efficiencies

- Leverage data analysis and visualisation to discover and validate strategy

  • Felipe Rego Data Science & Analytics Partner Felipe Rego

Forum Day Two

14 Nov

Case Study

Reporting that informs decision-making in the public sector needs to be socially attuned, reflecting broader priorities. So how do we achieve this? Learn from dynamic CFO Thao's journey to bring human values and public interest into the reporting fold. 

- Learn to reflect social relevance in reporting

- Learn how to engage the right stakeholders in the reporting conversation, and why

- Leverage socially relevant reporting for decisions that reflect humanity and the public good

  • Thao Le Chief Financial Officer & Chief Information Officer Environment, Planning & Sustainable Development Directorate | ACT Government

Case Study

Business partnering means different things, but at its core, it's about collaborating for success. Learn from Brittani as she reflects on her success in business partnering.

- How to maintain a strategic focus

- Tips for achieving a symbiotic partnering relationship

- Leverage a client-centric perspective

  • Brittani Zakharchenko Head of Finance Hilti Australia

Case Study

As the finance back-office moves from being a pure reporting function to playing a pivotal role in understanding data and providing insights, communication takes on renewed significance. Paul will share how communication is about interacting with stakeholders to create an environment that works towards shared goals.

-How to create trust-based relationships, and why

-Learn to listen effectively

-Leverage thought clarity to drive meaningful dialogue

  • Paul Ringrose Chief Financial Officer Brightstar Logistics

Case Study

For an industry bent on historical records, it is understandable that a paradigm shift would be needed to look forward. If partnering relationships are to thrive, everyone needs to have a shared future focus. Seasoned finance leader Jon shares thoughts on how to look forward, collaborate and see opportunities in a new light. 

- How to achieve a 'meeting of minds', ideal for synergies and shared growth

- Ways to gain clarity on changes needed to accommodate future thinking

- Leverage future thinking to see opportunities and create strategies to realise them

  • Jon Cook Asia Pacific Finance Director James Hardie


Trust is a crucial part of any functional relationship. How can you work to build (or rebuild) trust in financial reporting and business partnering? This panel brings some much-needed thought diversity for building, sustaining, and leveraging stronger relationships.

- Trust - what it is and why it matters

- How to build high trust relationships 

- Leverage trust to become a powerful professional

  • Susan Mitchell Chief Executive Officer Mortgage Choice

  • Sonia Bhojwani General Manager, Corporate Development & Strategy Nextt Group

  • Barry Munns Chief Audit Executive City of Sydney

Case Study

In recent years, financial reporting has seen disruptions to the traditional business model, causing nervousness around the future. As relevance continues to take on a new look, seasoned finance leader and CFO, Brent Henley, shares tips and perspectives for how to evolve and thrive through turbulence.

-Leap through change with a winning attitude

-Situational audit - learn to recognise and leverage contextual forces in changing times

-Learn to embrace technology and realise the opportunity it brings

  • Brent Henley Group Executive & Chief Commercial Officer Macquarie Telecom


At the end of an exciting conference, we reflect on learning outcomes and how to apply them. Amidst all the disruption we see in the finance realm, the challenge is to recognise the emerging opportunities and move to realise them.

- Recap on learnings from the forum

- Open discussion on use cases and applications

- Sharing notes and networking

Post-forum workshop

15 Nov


As we move into the realm of business partnering, the ability to look into the future and anticipate outcomes becomes crucial to the strategic discourse. Learn to create robust predictive models that support strategy and distinguish yourself as a future-focused finance professional.

Principles of effective financial modelling

- Modelling with industry awareness and a clear focus

- How to make and validate assumptions for effectiveness 

- Resolve challenges in accessing robust data from multiple sources and ensure proper integration

Financial modelling and analytics

- Discussion on the similarities and differences between FM and Analytics

- Technology and tools driving both and how these differ

- Key foundations of both and how they align around data and logic

How to achieve efficiencies in modelling by automation

- The cornerstones of a flexible model, managing variable uncertainty

- Incorporate sensitivity analysis to mitigate risk and increase accuracy

- Common pitfalls of complex financial models and tools to overcome them

Visualisation - Discover data insights and stories

- Visual influencing trends and how it's changing the way decisions are being made and stories told

- A robust structure for approaching data analytics and modelling visualisation 

- Tools and concepts for effective visualisations

  • Lance Rubin Founder & Chief Executive Officer Model Citizn


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9217 6666

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