3rd Women in Energy & Resources Leadership Summit

Maximise diverse thinking capabilities & embrace change

  • March 2nd - 5th, 2020
  • Crowne Plaza Auckland


Download the brochure Download the brochure

- Foster an innovative & courageous culture
- Discover new strategies to drive leadership success
- Embrace & lead the renewable future
- Develop diverse thinking capabilities


  • Debi Boffa
    Managing Director
    BP New Zealand
  • Judy Nicholl
    Chief Executive Officer
    Counties Power
  • Jennifer Nolan
    Director External Relations New Zealand
    New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited
  • Rebecca Tjaberings
    Director, Power
    WSP New Zealand Limited
  • Raewyn Moss
    General Manager, External Affairs


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Transition from a technical expert into a confident leader
Strategies for leadership success
Manage the shifting landscape
Gender matters - The role of women in renewable energy transitions
Create a courageous mindset
The non-linear career path - Embrace every opportunity
Use your passion to build resilience
Pave the way - The future of energy
The necessity of adaptability
The significance of mentors for women in the workplace
Navigate the transition from technical specialist to leader
Bring your whole self to work
Sustainability & driving sustainable change
The path towards greater diversity - The past, present & future
The future of energy & resources
Establish effective communication styles for leadership success
Pre-Summit workshop

02 Mar


Transitioning from a technical role into a leadership position can be challenging. Nourishing your capabilities and having the courage to make a career leap will ensure a smooth career progression.

With her energising and engaging facilitation style, Debra will discuss pertinent challenges and provide expert insight into the skills you’ll need to flourish as a leader. Develop new skills to help you communicate expectations with confidence.

Getting to know you

- Introductory session

- Industry situational overview

- Setbacks and challenges in your leadership path


Sourcing and developing new skills

- The questions you bring

- Explore current tools/frameworks for decision making

- Using tools to assist communication


Build supportive relationships

- Foster and maintain valuable connections

- Create and use a supportive network 

- Be your own ally, master that inner critic.


Increase resilience and adapt to adversity

- Techniques to build resilience

- Practical strategies to navigate and resolve unconscious bias

- Improve well-being for yourself and your team

Summit Day 1

03 Mar

Case Study

Innovative approaches won't just deliver value to customers and stakeholders - they will accelerate your career and allow you to lead authentically. Judy will explore how to navigate the leadership zig-zag, sharing strategies and skills for leadership success.

- Maximising past skills and roles to work in a new role 

- Find new ways to work, challenge norms and make the job your own

- The benefits of diversity in experience, skills, and approach

  • Judy Nicholl Chief Executive Officer Counties Power

Case Study

We know the sector is changing, but what does this evolution mean for industry leaders? Join Marie-Eve and discuss what the future of energy holds, the strategies Vector are using to their advantage, and the importance of having women at the forefront of the energy future.

- Maximise the changing landscape to innovate your leadership path

- Understand that unconscious biases are subtle but continue to prevail

- Learn the vital role women play in the energy evolution

  • Marie-Eve Bacon General Manager Strategic Marketing & Business Development Vector Limited

Expert Commentary

The energy industry has been historically male-dominated, a trend which persists today. Dr Julie MacArthur joins us to discuss the challenges this lack of diversity poses to sustainable energy transitions and gender pay gaps. This session will also explore global energy policies and explain why gender diversity needs to be at their core. 

- Understand global trends towards taking gender diversity within energy seriously

- The barriers women face and strategies to overcome them 

- Be empowered to speak up, aid this transition, and drive change

  • Dr Julie MacArthur Senior Lecturer University of Auckland

Case Study

To succeed in this challenging and changing environment, you need to be courageously ambitious. You need the confidence to stand up, embrace setbacks, and the persistence to thrive.

- Build a resilient and courageous mindset to deal with all the challenges that you will face - not just gender issues

- Demonstrate enduring leadership capabilities

- Advocate for determination and ambition

  • Kevin Still General Manager, Oil & Gas Refining NZ


We all have expectations of where we think we should be, the jobs we should have, and the roles that we want. But what do we lose if we limit ourselves to these expectations? Our panellists will discuss the opportunities offered by the growing energy and resources industries and the importance of taking and evaluating all opportunities equally. 

- Use your expectations as a guide, not a rule-book 

- Strategies to encourage openness and reflection 

- Build supportive, engaged and authentic teams  

  • Rebecca Tjaberings Director, Power WSP New Zealand Limited

  • Marie-Eve Bacon General Manager Strategic Marketing & Business Development Vector Limited

  • Alex Aramakutu Principle Beca

  • Roisin Johnson NZ Safety & Risk Engineering Manager Todd Energy

  • Lupe Suniula Energy Manager, Operations Watercare Services

Case Study

Resilience in a male-dominated industry will help you survive, but interest and passion will help you thrive. Rebecca, Millie and Martina will discuss their experiences working in traditionally male roles, why they thrive in these environments, and the initiatives Genesis has put in place to encourage female leaders.

- Enjoy all the opportunities the sector offers

- Create resilience through challenges

- Remain passionate in high-pressure environments

  • Martina Perez Casajuana Operator Maintainer Genesis Energy

  • Rebecca Larking General Manager, Operations Trading and Environment Genesis Energy

Case Study

Sheena is passionate about the shift towards a greener future and understands the industry issues we need to address to get there. This thought-provoking session will leave you feeling empowered and ready to drive a sustainable future.

- Be empowered to inspire change and get involved in the conversation

- Understand the necessary changes to move towards a greener future

- Discuss relevant challenges and reflect on how previous successes can be used to make a difference now

  • Sheena Thomas Future fuels strategy manager Z Energy

Summit Day 2

04 Mar

Case Study

No matter what industry you're in, you'll face changes throughout your career. With over ten years of experience in the energy sector, Debi has observed how the industry has changed and the benefits of being flexible within industry fluctuations.

- Establish an adaptable leadership approach

- Embrace and learn the value of flexibility

- Ensure you are engaging with your teams, peers, and the broader organisation

  • Debi Boffa Managing Director BP New Zealand

Case Study

Mentorship is beneficial at all stages of your life to help you learn, grow, and change - especially for women in traditionally male roles. Sian will share the experiences she has had with mentors and why these guiding figures are so important.

- Change the dynamic

- Be empowered to drive change and get involved in the conversation

- Understand areas where you need to improve so you can build your teams and organisations up.

  • Sian Sutton General Manager Customer & Engagement Aurora Energy Ltd

Case Study

As a senior technical specialist, Roisin has managed and worked with specialised teams. Recently, she embarked on a journey of personal development, looking to extend her role into a general leadership position. No matter the context, changing roles is always challenging. Discover useful strategies to help you adjust and enjoy the ride.

- Discuss what this transition looks like and be inspired to embrace change 

- Learn the different skills that you need when navigating the transition from technical leader to an executive

- Pursue continuous learning and build your leadership image

  • Roisin Johnson NZ Safety & Risk Engineering Manager Todd Energy

Case Study

Bringing your whole self to work is a simple but radical act. Doing so won't just leverage your leadership profile, it will blaze the trail for others. Briony's commitment to workplace inclusivity and leadership as a service ensures all boats rise together. She will discuss how Power Women | Mana Wāhine – a network for women in the NZ energy sector – came about, its aims, and why it's needed.

- How to build a career in a male-dominated environment

- Learn how to be better allies to support ourselves and each other

- Remain authentic through adversity 

  • Briony Bennett Senior Policy Adviser, Energy Markets Policy Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Expert Commentary

We can't create a sustainable future without disrupting the norm. Raewyn will share what Transpower has done to combat carbon emissions and make their processes sustainable. She will also impart her experience leading teams through the developments that followed.

- ​What it's like leading multi-generational teams within a climate change environment

- Cultivate the mindset for change leadership

- Encourage innovation within your teams and organisations

  • Raewyn Moss General Manager, External Affairs Transpower

Case Study

Although diversity is proven to be highly valuable, groundwork is required to reap the benefits. In this unique group presentation, Bridget, Andrea, and Jennifer will take you on a journey of the challenges women faced entering the energy and resources sector. Learn about the lack of empowerment and support younger women continue to get and hear how Rio Tinto is working towards a diverse workforce.

- Discover the importance and effect of mentoring younger women

- Explore new strategies to drive inclusion in your workplace

- Be inspired to make a change

  • Jennifer Nolan Director External Relations New Zealand New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited

  • Andrea Carson Community Relations, Communications New Zealand Aluminium Smelters

  • Bridget Young Technical Development Specialist New Zealand Aluminum Smelters


Over the last two days, we have heard inspirational stories, discovered new skills, and gained knowledge. Join Debra as she pulls all the themes together and helps you create an action plan for the future.

- Key lessons from the summit

- Skills to help you succeed

- Create an action plan

Post-Summit Workshop

05 Mar


Communication within a constantly changing environment is an invaluable trait. Jen will encourage you to learn crucial communication skills and break communication barriers. You will walk away from this workshop with a toolbox of practical skills to take back to your organisation.

Understand your communication style

- Evaluate yourself and your communication style

- Embrace and develop your strengths

- Understand the behaviours of others

Build your communications toolbox

- Necessary communications tools

- Determine solutions for influencing others

- Strategies for success

Have powerful and engaging conversations with staff, employees, and stakeholders

- Manage emotions for positive and assertive communication

- Prepare for and have difficult conversations with confidence

- Build credibility in your conversations

Communicate to successfully navigate change

- Ensure that you have a two-way flow of communication between leadership and your team

- Establish a trustworthy relationship with your peers

- Be authentic and direct in your communication to ensure all parties feel supported


Crowne Plaza Auckland

128 Albert Street, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

(09) 302 1111

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