• June 25th - 28th, 2019
  • Sydney, Australia
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Employee Engagement Summit

Motivate your workforce & unleash their potential

  • June 25th - 28th, 2019
  • Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour


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-Create a culture of trust & motivation
-Engage executives in supporting employee experience initiatives
-Attract, retain & develop high-performing staff
-Transform your employee value proposition


Helen Lea

Helen joined MYOB in June 2017 as Chief Employee Experience Officer, where she has accountability for all employee facing teams and processes (including People & Performance, Organisational Development, Internal Communications and Community, Workplace Experience and Digital Experience). Helen’s experience includes roles in Human Resources, Talent and Performance, Organisational Culture and Transformation advisory. Her career spans a variety of organisations and sectors, including banking, telecommunications, industrial and consumer goods, and she has lived and worked across Africa, Asia and Europe.

Chief Employee Experience Officer

  • Joanne Barkl
    Human Resources Director, South Pacific
  • Kirby Grattan
    Director, Organisation Capability
  • Chloye Chen
    Head of People & Culture
  • Joanne Cantle
    Chief Human Resource Officer
    Digital Transformation Agency


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Download the brochure
Lead your organisation through change with limited disruption
Ready, set, grow!
Vision and purpose - Build a great culture
Set expectations, create accountability and motivate high-performance
Craft and implement a wellbeing strategy
Measure engagement and diagnose your organisation’s challenges
Leverage your culture to create positive change
Positive culture as an essential driver for organisational success
Culture is the key
Encourage your workforce to champion your brand
High potential employee development
Drive people transformation in an evolving age
Design the modern flexible workplace
Maintain engagement on the ordinary day
Conquer positive employee engagement within your organisation
Conversational intelligence as a key to gaining buy-in from executives
Pre-Summit Workshop

25 Jun


Thriving in the midst of change requires strong management skills. As an HR leader, you need to be committed to strategies and initiatives that will ensure your organisation maintains productive, engaged and happy.

Unlock the mindset of continuous improvement

- Understand the mindset/skillset distinction

- Find your correct mindset as a manager of change

- Four levels of learning under transformation

Build emotional resilience

- Understand personal motivation

- Take control of emotional reactions through difficult times

-Navigate stress and obstacles

Support yourself and others through change

- Build resilience and the resilience of your organisation

- Navigate change with confidence

- Translate challenge to opportunity

Communicate authentically

- Develop essential communication skills

- Let go of your limitations and build courage

- How to have honest and difficult conversations

Summit Day 1

26 Jun

Case Study

What happens when you put employee engagement on the executive agenda? Discover how Georges River Council leveraged its workforce development strategy.

-Influence executives to take risks

-Leverage the relationship between engagement, performance and behaviour

-Incorporate design thinking into your employee engagement strategy

  • Patricia Hatzigiannis Head of Employee Experience Georges River Council

  • Fiona Campbell Executive Manager, People & Culture Georges River Council

Case Study

To help you harness the power of a positive culture, we'll explore how you can develop an organisational vision through measurable actions. You'll learn to engage staff in developing their determination.

-Understand what culture really means and how you can positively influence it

-Harness the executive team in building an organisational culture

-Implement initiatives that support your vision and promote a positive culture

  • Sue Jennings HR Director, ANZ AbbVie

Case Study

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations is the disconnect between culture set by executives and the actions of day-to-day managers. Explore how you can work with managers to engage their direct reports.

- Coach leaders to drive high performing teams

- Manage productivity through change

- How to hold your leaders accountable

  • Veronica Sargeant HR Business Partner RB

Case Study

Life, much like in business, is complicated. Stress from both can impact your employees, so to become a leading employer, you must look for ways to support your staff. Explore how you can focus on increasing the wellbeing of your teams and boost productivity.

-Help your staff feel fulfilled and supported

-How you can identify and target specific areas of development

-Build a wellness culture that is supported by executives


Companies spend millions of dollars on improving employee experience, but how do you know your spend will make an impact? This session examines how organisations measure and diagnose areas that need attention.

-Tools to measure engagement

-How to pinpoint engagement downfalls 

-Strategies to implement change

  • Kirby Grattan Director, Organisation Capability Optus

  • Rachel Pollack General Manager, Employee Experience QBE Insurance

  • Evette Hartley Group Manager, Organisational Development Evolution Mining

  • Susan Hudson Executive Director, Human Resources Western Sydney University

Case Study

Culture is critical to staff engagement. But as a leader, how do you translate that culture into daily behaviour? How do you create change in real time?

-How to actively listen to diagnose problems

-Create personal and culture goals and benchmarks

-Develop your current culture

Case Study

Expanding workloads and competing responsibilities can lead to increased pressures. These can impact your health, wellbeing and productivity. Learn how to conquer these roadblocks and support a healthy workplace culture.

- Effective prioritisation strategies

- Improve wellbeing and increase productivity

- Technology and flexibility

Summit Day 2

27 Jun

Case Study

Hear a fascinating journey of rebuilding an organisation from the ground up with a particular focus on the culture and engagement perspectives.

-Keep a strong employer brand at the core

-Re-establish a framework for leadership and culture to drive performance

-Employ technology and data analytics to help deliver on an ambitious vision

  • Lee Williams Head of Learning and Development Latitude Financial Services

Case Study

Your organisation's workforce needs to live and breath your brand values. As the seventh best place to work in Australia for companies with over 1000 employees, hear how Kennards Hire creates a culture of purpose and value.

- Create a sense of ownership

- Understand the value of human connection

- Implement structures to empower employees

  • Sally Craig General Manager, People & Culture Kennards Hire

Case Study

We know that career development is a critical engagement driver, so you must ensure you retain high potential talent. Take a look at how meaningful development plans is a key focus for 3M.

-Retain high-performing staff

-Customise development plans for individuals

-Balance development against your company's needs

Case Study

As pressure to improve development opportunities intensifies, you must develop new ways to empower employees and provide opportunities to grow within the business.

- Drive people-focused initiatives within your organisation

- Reignite growth and development opportunities

- Understand the capabilities of individuals

  • Chloye Chen Head of People & Culture Transgrid


Flexible workplaces are essential to creating a diverse and inclusive company, which is key to improving creativity. But how do you design these initiatives to enhance the employee experience and align with budget restraints?

-The mindset for successful strategies

-Lead flexible teams

-The role of workplace and technology in enabling flexibility

  • Helen Lea Chief Employee Experience Officer MYOB

  • Joanne Barkl Human Resources Director, South Pacific Colgate-Palmolive

  • Aga Strzemeska Head of People Operations Marley Spoon

  • Kristie Clarke Director, Channel Planning and Release Management Service NSW

  • Frank Strbik Associate Director, Workplace Relations The University of Sydney

Case Study

Added attention to employee engagement strategies helps organisations navigate turbulent times. Learn how to create a culture of sustainable engagement for any circumstance.

-Manage complacency

-Align your company brand with your workforce

-Ensure a culture of continued engagement

  • Joanne Cantle Chief Human Resource Officer Digital Transformation Agency


In this final session of the conference, you will have the opportunity to revisit the themes and discuss the insights shared. Then you'll get the chance to form an action plan to implement effective employee engagement initiatives within your organisation.

- Make a plan of action

- Revisit key themes

- Discuss solutions to the challenges raised

Post-Summit Workshop

28 Jun


As a leader working on the engagement and experience of your workforce, you will need to negotiate and influence your policies and initiatives to executives and stakeholders. Learn to communicate with greater presence to ensure your workforce is bringing their best selves to work.

Effective stakeholder management skills

- Develop strategies to manage difficult conversations

- Harness and resolve conflict

- Prioritise trusting relationships

Align your leaders with organisational expectations

- Work towards a common organisational objective

- Manage expectations and uncertainty through disruption

- Build cohesive and engaged networks

Cultivate nonverbal communication skills

- Use eye contact and posture to convey influence

- Master effective gestures to illustrate a purpose

- Fine-tune pitch, tone and speed of your speech to make a greater impact

Project confidence and credibility

- Learn the art of negotiation

- Be authentic in your communication

- Influence and engage your teams


Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour

100 Murray St, Sydney, NSW, 2009, Australia

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