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November 17th, 2022
Virtual / Streaming

Strategies to inform decision making and deliver greater impact with data


- Explore the importance and impact of data literacy at EL1 and EL2 levels
- Leading data-literate teams and driving a culture of data literacy
- Data visualisation essentials for influential communication
- Using data to drive effective decision-making


Kristy Delaney

Kristy Delaney is an experienced trainer and has facilitated more than 200 training and workforce development programs, forums and consultations with a variety of audiences. 

Kirsty has more than 20 years experience delivering high-quality research and evaluation in human services, across government and non-government sectors. 

Kristy holds expertise in demographic profiling, indicator and indicative trajectory development, systematic review and evaluation of programs, economic impact assessments, large-scale quantitative and qualitative surveys, focus groups, structured interviewing, case study development, development of results logic diagrams, data and statistical analysis. 

Senior Consultant
Insight Coaching & Consulting


EL1 & EL2 Advanced Data Skills Workshop

17 Nov


Explore the impacts of effective data literacy as an EL1 and EL2 leader

- Learn how interpreting data correctly can enhance the timeliness of decisions made

- Mitigate potential future obstacles through dynamic data usage

- Understand how your data literacy competency impacts your teams

Managing a team and their competency with data literacy

- Foster an open and engaging learning space

- Learn to make and justify recommendations for data access

- Utilise your team and their capabilities through teaching self-management

- How to effectively manage good data literacy for APS 5-6 reports

Maximise the potential of your current systems

- Sourcing relevant data

- Understand new trends and innovations relating to data communication

- Tools and strategies to measure and manipulate qualitative data

- What robust data looks like and how it can assist innovation

Persuasive evidence through data visualisation

- Practical tools to effectively record and use anecdotal data

- Translate data to recommend impactful and actionable organisational changes

- Learn to argue with data by justifying your choices with evidence

- Interpret and clearly express data trends and insights

  • Kristy Delaney Senior Consultant Insight Coaching & Consulting



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Virtual / Streaming

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