• January 29th - February 1st, 2019
  • Sydney, Australia
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    5 Days

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EA PA Women's Summit

Develop the skills, strategies and technical know-how to unleash your potential and gain the edge in your career

  • January 29th - February 1st, 2019
  • Novotel Sydney Darling Square


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- Embrace new opportunities
- Thrive in challenging circumstances
- Balance your personal & professional lives
- Define your vision for the future


Yasmin Noakes

Yasmin Noakes has over 20 years’ experience in both state and federal government organisations. Yasmin currently works for the Chief Executive Officer Dr Adrian Paterson at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation. Her role involves providing high level support to the CEO and she has been an early adopter of the ‘paperless office’, Yasmin has also championed in her organisation leadership of an executive assistance network, organisational ‘best practice’ process and mentoring program which she takes great pride in.

Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

  • Tennille Younger
    Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer
  • Gayle Edwards
    Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer
    Zurich Financial Services Australia
  • Fiona Huane
    Executive Assistant to the Managing Director
  • Tracy Caine
    Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer
    Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies


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Download the PDF
Gain the edge
Influence and negotiate for success
Lead as an Executive Assistant
Thrive in the face of conflict and change
Steps to achieve a work-life balance that benefits you
Manage, anticipate and control complex tasks & problems
The importance and benefits of networking
Mentorship for progression
Maximise your communication effectiveness
Overcome barriers for successful collaboration
Manage your manager - Influencing up
Manage stress through mindfulness
Create and define your vision for the future
Innovative Dynamic Executive Assistant - Day 1
Innovative Dynamic Executive Assistant - Day 2
Conference Day 1 - 29 Jan - 08:55- 16:30

Case Study

Recent advancements in technology have raised the bar of responsibility for Executive Assistant and Administrative professionals. To stand out from the crowd, you must pursue self-development, use initiative to create opportunities and position yourself for professional success.

- Position yourself for career advancement

- Discover the importance of self-development

- Use initiative to create opportunity

  • Narrelle Matthey-Aickin Executive Assistant to the Chief Marketing Officer ANZ Bank

Expert Commentary

It can be difficult to keep up with the demands of your personal and professional commitments. In this session, you'll gain a better understanding of your behavioural triggers, develop a planned negotiation process and learn to overcome resistance so you can communicate effectively and influence without authority.

- Understand your emotions and communicate effectively

- Develop a planned negotiation process

- Overcome resistance and influence without authority

  • Liz Van Vliet Certified Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Podcast Host Being Indispensable


The evolving role of Executive Support is a complex mix of management, leadership and administration. Learn how to lead as an EA, proactively deal with problems and develop the core leadership competencies to help you excel in your role.

- Lead by example and monitor implementation

- Learn to control and solve problems proactively

- Develop the skills of persuasion, consolidation and innovation

  • Gayle Edwards Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer Zurich Financial Services Australia

  • Tracy Caine Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

  • Cheralyn Price Executive Assistant to Partner, Transaction Services KPMG

Expert Commentary

Dealing with multiple people, managing complicated schedules and staying on top of a heavy work-load presents unique challenges for Executive Assistants. Whether you manage one executive or an entire team, it is important to maintain control, manage conflict effectively and develop the resilience to cope with change.

- Boost emotional intelligence to maintain control

- Develop strategies to effectively manage conflict

- Build resilience to cope with change

  • Julie Alexander Chief Executive Officer Changing Change International CCI


Juggling the demands of a career and a personal life is an ongoing challenge, but it can be particularly overwhelming for Executive Assistants. Learning to effectively prioritise, delegate and embrace the flexibility your workplace has to offer will help you avoid professional burn out and remain in control.

- Prioritise the right task at the right time

- Discover the potential of active delegation

- Embrace flexible work environments

  • Yasmin Noakes Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

  • Felicity Cannon Executive Support Officer to the Deputy Secretary, Commercial & Economic Group Department of Premier & Cabinet NSW

  • Julie Frinsdorf Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer & Deputy Secretary of Finance & Asset Management Ministry of Health NSW

Case Study

Executive Assistants are responsible for a wide range of duties within an organisation, managing everything from their Executive's diary to complex costs and travel arrangements. Learn how to better manage yourself and anticipate needs to develop your skill set and own your success as an EA.

- Techniques to manage yourself and others

- Use initiative and anticipate needs

- Strategies to control complex international travel and costs

  • Dominique Rickard Executive Assistant to the Chief Development Officer Newcrest Mining Limited

Expert Commentary

As an Executive Assistant, having a network both internally and externally provides huge benefits. Discover the importance of networking, learn how to create opportunities, utilise these new connections and gain support to build success in your career.

- Exchange opinions and ideas for a fresh outlook

- Create opportunities and utilise new connections

- Gain support to achieve common goals and solve problems

  • Sharon Luxford Chief Executive Officer Frock Up & Rock Up

Conference Day 2 - 30 Jan - 08:55- 16:30

Case Study

The relationship between Executive and Assistant can be make or break. Working alongside a manager that respects you and provides mentorship will improve your professional relationships and accelerate your career progression. This session will explore the benefits of mentorship and provide new ways to enhance your working relationship to enhance your career.

- Increase your circle of influence and gain professional recognition

- Obtain exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking

- Receive guidance and career enhancement

  • Fiona Huane Executive Assistant to the Managing Director EnergyAustralia

Expert Commentary

The digital age has changed and shaped the way we communicate, bringing with it a new set of challenges for professionals. In this session, Arabella will help you unleash the power of communication, explore your individual style and make every conversation count.

- 3 ways to remain authentic and have strategic conversations

- Simple skills to adapt to whomever you're talking to

- Strategies to make people like and trust you immediately 

  • Arabella Macpherson Founder and Communications Coach Resonate Communications

Case Study

Effective communication enables successful collaboration, both of which are vital to the role of Executive Support. Learn how to overcome barriers to foster positive workplace relationships, understand the changing nature of your role and develop the skills needed for successful collaboration.

- Understand the communication hierarchy

- Build and foster positive workplace relationships

- Develop skills for successful collaboration and compromise

  • Virginia Carone Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Women


The ability to manage up and develop a good working relationship with your manager is critical to organisational performance. Learn how to use assertive communication, establish rapport with your manager and adapt to the different needs and styles of working to successfully influence up.

- Assertive communication

- Establish rapport with your manager

- Adapt to different needs and styles of working

  • Tennille Younger Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer Sportsgirl

  • Kate Kennedy Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer City of Sydney

  • Shelley Rae King Executive Assistant to the Director, Legal and Governance The University of Wollongong Australia

Expert Commentary

Everyone reacts to stress differently, but in a role where heavy workloads and tight deadlines are the norm, effective stress and time management are key. In this interactive session, you will develop strategies to reduce stress, discover how mindfulness can benefit you and gain practical techniques for effectively organising your work.

- Strategies to reduce stress

- The fundamentals of mindfulness

- Build practical techniques for organising your work

  • Deb Assheton Expert Facilitator The Amplify Group


In this final interactive session, our chair will guide you through a reflection on the key lessons you've acquired over the last two days. She will explore the skills and strategies shared by our inspirational speakers and faculty of experts, helping you develop an action plan to take control of your career, stand out and gain the edge.

- Key lessons from the last two days

- Strategies to build success and unleash your potential

- SMART action plan for your future

  • Catherine Nolan Director & Principal Coach Gender Gap Gone

Post-Summit Workshop - 31 Jan - 09:00- 16:30


Proactive self-management for executive support excellence

- Navigate organisational politics and tackle complex conversations

- Respond proactively to challenging situations and changing environments 

- Create strong professional relationships by establishing trust and credibility

- Project empathy and stay in control of a situation

Develop and maintain resilience in a high pressure, high volume environment

- Develop emotional resilience to maintain composure during times of conflict

- Strategies to initiate sensitive conversations and effectively raise concerns

- How to effectively manage high level and high volume workloads

- Increase confidence to broach sensitive topics across your organisation

Manage expectations and manage up

- Build an authentic and influential relationship with your manager

- Optimise time with your manager and optimise your manager’s time

- Gain full engagement from your executive during times of high pressure 

- Explore communication strategies to address difficult conversations

Influence with integrity (power without power)

- Develop the ability to build rapport and maintain relationships

- Find your communication style to maximise your influence on key decisions

- Remain authentic when faced with making difficult decisions

- Foster relationships of trust

  • Liz Van Vliet Certified Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Podcast Host Being Indispensable


Get across the issues, work across the business

- See past your own sphere and work with sensitivity

- Increase personal presence within the executive office and model behaviour

- Proactively manage expectations to operate autonomously

- Anticipate needs and prioritise to protect your time (and your manager’s)

Positive communication and Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

- Discover the ability to assess and measure EQ in yourself and others

- Understand your EQ and its impact on the way you are perceived

- Leveraging your EQ in the workplace

- Communication styles - you get back what you give out

Effectively engage with different (and sometimes difficult) personalities

- Deal with a range of personalities in high pressure situations

- Navigate challenging situations and effectively communicate compromise

- Understand different communication styles to best resolve conflict

- Effectively deal with ambiguity

Balance your workload and active career planning

- Manage and maintain work-life balance with an ever-increasing workload

- Project and predict - best practice calendar and diary management fundamentals

- Establish a leadership mindset that will accelerate your career development

- Develop a personal action plan and practical strategies to implement 

  • Liz Van Vliet Certified Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Podcast Host Being Indispensable


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