Digital Health Transformation Summit

Join digital health leaders to discuss how you can leverage technology and improve the quality of care across Australia

  • February 18th - 21st, 2019
  • Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre


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- Streamline the digital transition
- Future-proof your hospital
- Innovation for patient-centric care
- Engage stakeholders through change


Lisa Davies-Jones

Lisa has had a broad ranging healthcare career within nursing, service improvement, healthcare management and clinical governance. Lisa has worked in a number of senior leadership roles within healthcare organisations in the United Kingdom and more recently in Queensland.

Lisa has spent the first years of her tenure with the North West Hospital and Health Service building partnerships with Western Queensland Primary Health Network and Gidgee Healing, to establish the foundations of their shared approach to developing comprehensive primary health care through integrated services.

Chief Executive
Queensland Health, North West Hospital and Health Service

  • Christine Giles
    Chief Executive Officer
    Portland District Health
  • Peter O'Halloran
    Chief Information Officer
    ACT Health Directorate
  • Adrian Hutchinson
    Chief Nursing and Allied Health Information Officer
    Royal Children's Hospital
  • Sue Williams
    Chief of Health Operations
    Cabrini Health


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Download the brochure
Evolving health and care to meet the needs of modern Australia
Interactive networking session
Upgrading data quality across your hospital
Cyber security in the age of digital health
Collaborative project co-design to improve benefits & delivery
Empower the Digital Clinical Workspace: Transform the Cost, Quality and Delivery of Patient Care
Governance in a digital age
Staging projects to maximise your impact
Working in partnership to improve patient care
Transforming healthcare for regional patients
Maintaining exceptional standards of care through transformation projects
Achieving the move towards patient-centred healthcare
Organisational challenges in guiding stakeholders through change
Sparking your digital journey
Conference Day 1 - 19 Feb

Case Study

Digital health empowers hospitals to be proactive in providing exceptional care to patients that goes beyond the traditional model of getting "better". Christine will discuss how executives can take their organisation to the next level and improve the safety of patients who use your health service.

-Outcome-driven transformations

-Improve the patient experience across hospitals

-Support clinical staff with technology

  • Christine Giles Chief Executive Officer Portland District Health


In this session, we'll breakout into small networks to discuss current projects and challenges to overcome. You'll learn how to make a bigger impact with your work.

-Network with those implementing similar projects

-Discuss challenges and strategies to overcome roadblocks

-Set expectations for what you want to get out of this event

Case Study

Making the most of a digital hospital means ensuring those who operate and interact with digital systems understand how to leverage the potential of those systems. In building a business case of an eMR and transitioning from multiple legacy systems to interoperable units, Matt will discuss the importance of information management in a digital hospital.

- Improve process flows

- Make digital and data literacy a priority

- The hospital as a hotel, restaurant and much more

  • Matt Morris Director, Information & Analytics Barwon Health

Case Study

In the information age of digital health, your hospital has access to valuable data that will improve your ability to provide world-class care. But do you understand the responsibilities and best practices of ensuring that information is secured at collection, storage and across all access points?

-Recognise data security as the responsibility of all hospital staff

-What cyber threats exist and how do you protect your information?

-Implement security practices and policies

  • Trish Williams Professor, Digital Health Systems and CISCO Chair Flinders University


A lot goes into creating a great patient experience. Digital hospitals need to ensure care givers, patients and developers are all on the same page through the design, development and delivery of projects. That's why it's critical that you consult all stakeholders to achieve a well-functioning digital hospital.

-Strategies to efficiently consult stakeholders

-Tailor technology to work with, rather than against, clinicians

-Create a sense of ownership to increase engagement across the organisation

  • Adrian Hutchinson Chief Nursing and Allied Health Information Officer Royal Children's Hospital

  • Trish Williams Professor, Digital Health Systems and CISCO Chair Flinders University

  • Rob Setina Chief Information Officer Health Purchasing Victoria

  • Nickola Allan Director, Clinical Services Maryborough District Health Service

  • Candida Costa-Wong Manager, Strategy and Special Projects HealthScope

Sponsor - Solution Spotlight

Solution spotlight

  • Andrew Fox Director, End User eXprerience VMWare

Case Study

Governance plays a critical role in all digital hospitals, acting as a benchmark to ensure best-practice standards around data quality, security and accessibility are achieved. Sallyanne will explore how Mater's governance enhances their digital initiatives.

-Data flows and accessibility

-Secure your data: Cloud vs. hosted

-Maintain data integrity

  • Kathleen Rogers Senior Information Management Specialist Mater Misericordiae Ltd

Conference Day 2 - 20 Feb

Case Study

Operating within tight budgets, staffing restraints and time factors can make the initial effort of digitising your hospital seem impossible. In this session, Peter will share insights from implementing digital projects.

- Support your workforce to evolve and adapt to new processes

- Identify and prioritise projects that address your biggest problems

- Know when and how to begin a new project

  • Peter O'Halloran Chief Information Officer ACT Health Directorate

Case Study

Complex change takes time and care to ensure the best outcomes are achieved with the resources available. As Chief Executive, Lisa has had to weigh many competing interests to create positive change for patients.

-Strategies to share information across diverse health provider networks

-Use technology to enable patient-centred care

-Make the most of diverse funding streams to integrate care and improve health outcomes

  • Lisa Davies-Jones Chief Executive Queensland Health, North West Hospital and Health Service

Case Study

The core principle that guides our digital strategy is providing improved care to our patients. There is a significant difference between regional and metropolitan patients and the strategies you adopt will need to suit your kind of target. In this session, Kate will reflect on the journey so far in digitising Ballarat Health Services and the Grampians Rural Health Alliance.

-Roll out large-scale IT infrastructure and shared applications 

-Ensure security measures protect staff and patients

-Streamline IT leadership and operational models with minimal disruption

  • Kate Nolan Chief Information Officer Ballarat Health Services

Case Study

Transformations don't happen in a bubble. Complex systems, procedures and equipment have to be seamlessly integrated in your organisation's hospital to maintain the quality and safety of care provided to patients. In this session, Sue will discuss how Cabrini have managed to do just that.

- Strategies to implement change without compromise

- Prioritise transformation pieces to facilitate transitions

- Initiate restructures when necessary

  • Sue Williams Chief of Health Operations Cabrini Health


If the future of digital health places patients at the centre of their own health journey, then hospitals need to play a proactive role in encouraging and facilitating this new attitude. This panel will discuss strategies for achieving patient-centric healthcare.

- The role of executive leadership in encouraging hospital staff to buy into patient-centric healthcare

- Strategies to streamline digital transformations

- Establish modern channels of communication between clinicians and patients

  • Fiona Renshaw Director, Integrated Care and Partnerships NSW Health - Murrumbidgee Local Health District

  • Thomas Glanville Manager, Activity-based Funding and Business Analytics NSW Health - Murrumbidgee Local Health District

Case Study

Implementing change can be both exciting and daunting for staff. Leading an organisation through this process is a challenge that requires strong planning and strategic skills.

-Overcome resistance to change

-Leverage change as an opportunity to innovate

-Explore how transformations fail


Reflecting on the previous two days, this interactive session will recap highlights from the event and prompt you create a plan to increase the efficiency of the projects you're currently working on.

- Key lessons learned

- Prioritise your next steps

- Engage all stakeholders through design, development and implementation


Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

1 Convention Centre Place, Melbourne, VIC, 3006, Australia

(03) 9235 8000

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