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December 8th, 2022
Canberra, AU

Make better decisions through outcome-driven critical thinking and creative problem-solving models


- Improve your critical thinking to make better observations, decisions and judgements
- Mitigate common thought processes that reduce your ability to think critically
- Apply critical thinking processes to effectively assess and interpret work issues or problems
- Improve your critical thinking ability for career development in the APS


Garry Mills

Blending a unique mix of neuroscience, specialist executive training skills and extraordinary life experience. Garry lifts from his personal journey from being bodyguard to The Prime Minister, Elite Team Australia Athlete, to battling through depression and more than 25 years of private & public sector experience. Garry specialises in enabling managers, leaders & teams to unlock their full potential and operate at peak performance.

Presenter & Coach
Garry Mills Peak Performance


Critical Thinking Skills for Government
Critical Thinking Skills for Government

08 Dec


Critical thinking as a key priority in the APS

- How critical thinking aligns to you and the APS

- Identify and develop the mindsets and skills of effective critical thinkers

- Apply critical thinking capabilities to your role


Mitigate thought processes that reduce critical thinking

- Identify and reduce the negative impacts of cognitive bias

- Manage brain fatigue to overcome barriers to critical thinking 

- Apply empathy to better understand problems, avoid acting on assumptions, and improve decision-making


Unpack critical thinking techniques

- Cognitive principles, tools and strategies essential to critical thinking

- Understand the different ways people process information – tools to adapt to increase your influence

- Define a problem systematically to expose gaps and be more precise in identifying the root cause


Critical and creative thinking for problem solving 

- Apply whole brain thinking to encourage thinking outside the box

- Practice creative problem solving techniques

- Combine creative and critical thinking to form partnerships, generate new ideas, and deliver solutions

  • Garry Mills Presenter & Coach Garry Mills Peak Performance



Canberra, Australia

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