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June 15th, 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Tips, tools and techniques for optimising your work from home environment as a Public Sector professional


- Discover ergonomic and privacy essentials for Public Sector employees
- Explore the implications of redeployment and develop strategies for managing a changed workload
- Develop frameworks for effective virtual communication and connection
- Combat isolation and burn-out, while maintaining work-life balance and productivity


COVID-19 - Public Sector Remote Working Essentials
COVID-19 - Public Sector Remote Working Essentials

15 Jun


In this full-day, interactive workshop, Karen will walk you through how to craft your daily schedule for peak productivity and plan meaningful breaks to avoid burnout. You’ll learn how to collaborate with remote coworkers, including how to use virtual meetings productively, and gain tips and tools for overcoming the unique challenges public servants face when working from home.


Ergonomic and privacy essentials for Public Sector employees

- Assess your home office environment and set up a private workspace where possible

- Discover strategies to improve focus and get into flow state while working remotely

- Develop awareness of the security value of the information you are accessing 


Productivity and workflow strategies to manage your workload

- Explore the implications of redeployment and discover tips for taking on new work

- Develop productivity strategies for managing a changed workload

- Tackle task uncertainty and develop a healthy working rhythm to limit distraction 


Communication and connection frameworks for remote workers

- Define expectations around communication while remaining responsible 

- Develop strategies for managing conflict with teammates while working remotely 

- Build the fundamentals for effective and secure video meetings and etiquette


Mental Wellbeing and support through uncertainty

- Understand work-life balance and how to maintain it while working remotely 

- Build strategies for combating feelings of isolation and burnout 

- Schedule regular catch-ups, ask for support and stay connected 

  • Dr Karen Whittingham Director Impact Psychology Pty Ltd


Dr Karen Whittingham

Karen is one of Australia’s leading executive management development specialists who has worked with thousands of executives to transition them into senior leadership roles quickly and effectively. She is an Organisational Psychologist passionate people’s success and facilitating their careers to rise. She teaches Organisational psychology at UNSW and works with ASX listed companies and large public sector organisations to drive engagement, inclusion and performance.

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