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10th - 11th, August 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Techniques & strategies to build leadership capability, drive performance & increase efficiency


- Management vs leadership - What's the difference?
- Identify & develop your existing leadership qualities
- Strategies for achieving peak performance
- Collaborative working & relationship building
- Increase your influence & strategic lens
- Maximise your leadership potential
- Position yourself for success
- Drive change within your organisation


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Communication Professionals Leadership Workshop

10 Aug - 11 Aug


Explore personal strengths and areas for growth

-Management vs Leadership - What's the difference?

- Identify and align personal leadership traits with organisational goals

- Recognise and manage the demands of leadership 

- Understand the expectations of internal and external stakeholders


Understand and develop your leadership capability

- Explore your preference profile and the profile of others

- Identify skills by applying the competence model

- Explore the 4 competencies of leadership

- Motivate and drive performance


Build a cohesive and high performing team to improve productivity

- Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your reports

- Explore and apply the Parker team player survey 

- Encourage feedback and discussion to improve timeliness, creativity and effectiveness

- Understand the needs and motivations of stakeholders


Getting the best out of people 

- Become a better listener

- Emotional intelligence and the emotional competence framework 

- Coaching skills, giving and receiving feedback 

- Explore various mindsets 

  • Adrian Cropley President and Founder Cropley Communication


Become an influencer and strategic advisor 

- Adding value as an advisor within your organisation 

- Be seen as the strategic advisor or trusted business partner in your organisation

- Create impact to drive the business forward


Develop a consultative approach to demonstrate your value

- What does it mean to take a consultative approach?

- Explore the consultative model, understand what outcome you want to achieve 

- Hook/offer request to earn the right to consult

- Conduct a contracting conversation


Build trust and influencing your key stakeholders

- Working through trust and the trust equation

- Know how you influence, what is in your toolkit

- Know who you need to influence and why

- Dealing with difficult people and difficult situations


Develop a leadership action plan for yourself and your team

- Identify skill gaps - How can you fill them?

- Build your plan to increase your leadership position

- Identify the plan for your team - What are the gaps? What are the opportunities and challenges?

- Final wrap up and reflection

  • Adrian Cropley President and Founder Cropley Communication


Adrian Cropley

Adrian Cropley OAM, FRSA, SCMP is one of the world’s leading corporate communication & change strategists with over 30 years business and communication experience, working in a variety of clients on major change communication projects and developing corporate communication strategies for companies including Unilever, Shell, Bupa, NAB, ANZ, Alcatel–Lucent, Infosys as well as various government departments including the Australian Tax Office, the Department for Business, skills and innovation in the UK and organisations like the Hong Kong Police. Until 2004 Adrian was the head of corporate employee communication for a major telco within Asia Pacific. He is now CEO of Cropley communication and the Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence, focusing on change, communication & coaching solutions for a global client base. 

President and Founder
Cropley Communication


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Virtual / Streaming

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