Communication Professionals Leadership Workshop

Techniques and strategies to build leadership capability, drive performance, and increase efficiency for communications professionals

  • May 8th - 9th, 2019
  • Cliftons Canberra


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- Management vs. Leadership - What's the difference?
- Identify and developing your existing leadership qualities
- Strategies for achieving peak performance
- Collaborative working and relationship building
- Increase your influence and strategic lens
- Maximise your personal leadership potential
- Position yourself for success
- Drive change within the organisation


Adrian Cropley

Adrian Cropley, ABC is one of the world’s leading corporate communication & change strategists with over 25 years business and communication experience, working in a variety of roles, from project management, HR management to change management and organizational development. Until 2004 Adrian was the head of corporate employee communication for a major telco within Asia Pacific. He is now CEO of Cropley communication and the Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence, focusing on change, communication & coaching solutions for a global client base.

President and Founder
Cropley Communication


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Download the brochure
Day One - 8th May 2019
Day Two - 9th May 2019
Communication Professionals Leadership Workshop - 8 May


Explore personal strengths and areas for growth

-Management vs. Leadership - What's the difference?

- Identify and align personal leadership traits with organisational goals

- Recognise and manage the demands of leadership 

- Understand the expectations of internal and external stakeholders

Understand and develop your leadership capability

- Explore your preference profile and the profile of others

- Identify skills by applying the competence model

- Explore the 4 competencies of leadership

- Motivate and drive performance

Build a cohesive and high performing team to improve productivity

- Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your reports

- Explore and apply the Parker team player survey 

- Encourage feedback and discussion to improve timeliness, creativity and effectiveness

- Understand the needs and motivations of stakeholders

Getting the best out of people 

- Become a better listener

- Emotional intelligence and the emotional competence framework 

- Coaching skills, giving and receiving feedback 

- Explore various mindsets 

  • Adrian Cropley President and Founder Cropley Communication


Become an influencer and strategic advisor 

- Adding value as an advisor within your organisation 

- Be seen as the strategic advisor or trusted business partner in your organisation

- Create impact to drive the business forward

Develop a consultative approach to demonstrate your value

- What does it mean to take a consultative approach?

- Explore the consultative model, understand what outcome you want to achieve 

- Hook/offer request to earn the right to consult

- Conduct a contracting conversation

Build trust and influencing your key stakeholders

- Working through trust and the trust equation

- Know how you influence, what is in your toolkit

- Know who you need to influence and why

- Dealing with difficult people and difficult situations

Develop a leadership action plan for yourself and your team

- Identify skill gaps and how can you fill them?

- Build your plan to increase your leadership position

- Identify the plan for your team? What are the gaps? What are the opportunities and challenges?

- Final wrap up and reflection.

  • Adrian Cropley President and Founder Cropley Communication


Cliftons Canberra

Level 2, 10 Moore Street, Canberra, ACT, 2601, Australia

02 6122 0999

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