The Business of Cybersecurity - Beyond Compliance

Will your company survive in today's threat environment?

  • October 16th - 17th, 2019
  • Cliftons Melbourne


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- Cybersecurity fundamentals, standards & frameworks
- Explore best practices & standards: ISO 27001/27002, COBIT, ITIL, APRA Guidance
- Realise the importance of cross-functional collaboration
- Develop a robust cyber resilience strategy to take back to your organisation


Jo Stewart-Rattray

Jo has over 25 years’ experience in the IT field some of which were spent as CIO in the Utilities and as Group CIO in the Tourism space, and with significant experience in the Information Security arena. She underpins her information technology and security background with her qualifications in education and management. 

She specialises in consulting in technology issues with a particular emphasis on governance in both the commercial and operational areas of businesses. Jo provides strategic advice to organisations across a number of industry sectors including banking and finance, utilities, manufacturing, tertiary education, retail and government.

Director Technology & Security Assurance
BRM Holdich


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
The Business of Cybersecurity - Beyond Compliance

16 Oct - 17 Oct


What you need to know about cybersecurity - Do you understand and care about the why?

- Understand the long-term impacts of cybercrime

- Cybersecurity fundamentals, frameworks and standards - Explore ISO 27001/27002, COBIT, ITIL, APRA Guidance

- Bust the myths around cybersecurity, explore emerging trends


What does security look like at your organisation?

- Introducing the concepts behind the Business Model for Information Security

Activity: Using the model as a guide, determine which way your organisation leans currently and how you think it should look

Crafting a cyber secure mindset - Culture is everything!

- Connecting the dots between IT requirements and the expectations of the organisation

- Embrace the mindset that cyber is everyone's responsibility

- Understand the importance of a cross-functional approach to cybersecurity

- Collaboration between departments to defend against cybercrime


Mitigating risk - Explore the threat landscape

- Policy and governance - Building a governance framework for your organisation

- What you can police and what you can’t police

- Indirect risks and exposures - Impact of social media and risky practices


Measuring and reporting for compliance

- Understand the value of compliance - It’s a two way street

- Define roles, responsibilities of duties across the organisation

- Create a pathway for success with metrics and effective management

- Establish goals & outline KPIs to meet ISMS criteria


Activity: Revisit how you thought your organisation should look from a security perspective. Do you still think this is accurate? How do think it should look now?

  • Jo Stewart-Rattray Director Technology & Security Assurance BRM Holdich


It’s all about the people

- Turn your most valuable assets into a weapon against cyber crime

- Assemble your cybersecurity workgroup 

- Create a sound understanding of employees’ role in a security culture

- Explore the impacts of diversity - Know your employees’ behaviours and norms

- Create a safe environment for employees to report incidents without fear of consequences


Activity: Develop a strategy for your organisation that will contribute to a robust, adaptable cyber resilience strategy


Gain security buy in with key stakeholder engagement

- The gap between the Board, the Executive and you - How to plug the gap with an effective strategy

- How the Board and Executive think - How to understand and influence them through appropriate communications

- Embrace transparent conversations - Culture change extends beyond awareness

- Demonstrate the ROI of cybersecurity in terms of competitive advantage


What happens if (or when) it goes wrong?

- Explore current and emerging security breaches - Real world case studies 

- How should the business act and respond

- How will different stakeholders react and deal

- What does recovery look like?

- Culture change challenges - Learn from the past


Culture change extends beyond awareness - Next steps to defend against cyber-crime

- Review of cyber resilience strategy

- Create a business case for education and training to create employee engagement and ownership

- Reach out to vendors and seek advice from Standards Authorities

- Action plan for next steps to develop security champions

  • Jo Stewart-Rattray Director Technology & Security Assurance BRM Holdich


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