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15th - 16th, September 2021
Canberra, AU

Develop core leadership capabilities to achieve success & excel in APS 5-6 level roles & beyond


- Identify and develop your capabilities as a confident and successful Public Sector leader
- Build productive relationships and lead proficient, capable teams
- Drive strategic change to improve procedures and meet agency goals
- Career planning and pathways in APS roles


Kim Vella

A highly qualified and experienced leader, Dr Kim Vella brings first-hand insight into what it takes to lead in complex and challenging environments. With nearly three decades of experience leading people and in governance roles across the Australian Public Service, and at the Australian National University, her reputation for untangling crisis situations is just as notable as her trademark laugh. Kim works with CEOs, board members, senior executives, and aspiring leaders across Australia and New Zealand – delivering one-on-one executive coaching and group leadership courses in person and remotely.

With a PhD in Sociology, Kim specialises in leadership training and is skilled in working with clients from a wide range of cultural and technical backgrounds. Kim’s training approach is unique and highly effective. She is down-to-earth and nonjudgmental, employing effective and strengths-based facilitation and coaching methodologies that are driven by client insights.

Executive Coach
Kim Vella Coaching


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
APS 5-6 High Performance & Leadership Workshop

15 Sep - 16 Sep


Personal leadership values

-   The capabilities, attributes and skills of an effective leader

-   Identify your core values and goals as a leader

-   Advocate your value as a leader 

-   Shape your leadership brand

Lead and manage productive teams

-   Maintain team cohesion and build productive relationships 

-   Understand the differences between technical management and people leadership

-   Leverage your leadership skills to better motivate and engage your team

-   Build team capacity through coach and performance feedback

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

-   Evaluate your EQ level and identify opportunities for further growth and leadership development

-   Understand your EQ and its impact on the way you are perceived as a leader 

-   Leverage your EQ in the workplace

-  Embrace qualities of empathy and understand to become a better leader 

Effective and practical decision making

-   Make autonomous and independent decisions 

-   Draw on your experience, knowledge and judgement to make better decisions

-   Deal with complex issues - making the ‘right’ decision

  • Kim Vella Executive Coach Kim Vella Coaching


Successful change and strategic management

-   Set achievable, manageable and measurable goals 

-   Problem identification and problem-solving strategies 

-   Support and influence stakeholders through change 

-  Leadership styles that drive effective transformation and change 

Develop resilience to thrive in times of change

-   Effectively manage change and uncertainty in the workplace

-   Identify and monitor changes that impact your work environment

-   Support your team, organisation and stakeholders through change

-   Implement policies and procedures that reflect and embrace change

Stakeholder engagement and management

-   Manage stakeholder relationships to achieve agency goals

-   Identify and meet stakeholder needs and expectations

-   Develop effective relationships with stakeholders

-   Maintain strong internal and external networks

Key approaches for APS leaders to develop confidence in their capabilities

-   Be an authentic leader and communicator

-   Trust your initiative and judgement

-   Plan and commit to actions that will lead to success

-   Embrace resilience and flexibility as key leadership skills

  • Kim Vella Executive Coach Kim Vella Coaching



Cliftons Canberra

Level 2, 10 Moore Street, Canberra, ACT, 2601, Australia

02 6122 0999

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