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12th - 13th, December 2019
Brisbane, AU

Develop & refine core skills & key leadership capability to achieve success & excel in AO 7-8 level roles & beyond


Liz Tilley

Liz Tilley is The Coach for Women Who Want to Change the World. She is an executive, and conflict management coach, mentor, facilitator and speaker. Her passion is helping women unlock the secrets to leading with more confidence and authority, leading in every cell of their being. Liz's toolkit includes helping clients tap into the superpower of non-verbal communication to change how others perceive them, and how they see themselves. She brings over 25 years’ experience in communications across the corporate sector, state and federal governments and non-for-profits to her work.

Leadership Coach
Liz Tilley Coaching


- Evolve into the strategic decision maker
- Successfully align your team with organisational expectations
- Enhance your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to advance as an AO 7-8 leader
- Drive strategic change & management to improve procedures & meet agency goals


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
AO 7-8 High Performance & Leadership Workshop

12 Dec - 13 Dec

Self-awareness and authentic leadership

- Understand your strengths and values as a AO 7-8 leader

- Explore different leadership styles

- Define your personal leadership brand

- Align your leadership strengths with the expectations of your organisation


Advanced Emotional Intelligence (EQ)  

- Utilise EQ to motivate and influence your team and stakeholders

- Harness EQ to focus attention

- Utilise heightened EQ to make effective strategic decisions

- Adapt your leadership style to effectively manage different personalities


Build resilience under pressure

- Acting vs reacting upon unexpected developments

- Develop techniques for managing unrelenting workflows

- Make crucial judgements under pressure

- Utilse feedback to improve service delivery and organisational capability


Successful change and strategic direction

- The shift from micro to macro leadership

- Adapt to the modern workplace of constant change and unpredictability 

- Develop and influence key strategic directions

- Collaborate and develop joint solutions with external stakeholders

  • Liz Tilley Leadership Coach Liz Tilley Coaching

Key stakeholder relationship management and communication 

- Engage and manage stakeholder expectations during change

- Authoritatively represent and influence on behalf of your agency

- Collaborate and develop joint solutions with external stakeholders

- Recognise links between interconnected issues, identify problems and work ways to resolve them

Build team capability and accountability

- Cultivate your team to take ownership of their success

- Build reliability and accountability in your team

- Successfully align your teams with broader agency strategy and goals

- Develop your team’s resilience to stress and change

Manage team dynamics in complex environments

- Co-create high performance - Establish a culture of peak performance

- Override emotional responses to stressful situations

- Authoritatively represent and influence on behalf of your agency

- Ambiguity tolerance and skills for managing uncertainty

Core approaches for AO 7-8 leaders to advance as an executive leader

- Create an action plan for your career

- Understand the leadership pipeline

- Prepare yourself for executive responsibilities

- Manage transition and identify future leadership priorities

  • Liz Tilley Leadership Coach Liz Tilley Coaching


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