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22nd - 23rd, June 2021
Virtual / Streaming

Advanced essential leadership skills to drive you to the next level of leadership


- Evolve into a strategic decision maker
- Build high performing, autonomous teams
- Leverage adaptable leadership to prosper in times of change
- Harness Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to focus attention


Garry Mills

Garry is a former bodyguard to the Australian Prime Minister and other world leaders, leading complex operations both in Australia and overseas. His experience and expertise include police officer, public sector executive, Team Australia athlete in an international TV series competition, radio presenter, and Ironman triathlete. Garry delivers high performance, mental health & leadership workshops, 1:1 coaching and presentations across Australia and overseas. Garry is a certified i4 neuroleader trainer and a qualified coach, using neuroscience, evidence-based research and personal experiences in his programs. His clients include senior executives, professional athletes and small business owners.

Presenter & Coach
Garry Mills Peak Performance


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Advanced Leadership & Management Workshop

22 Jun - 23 Jun


Authentic executive-level leadership

- Expectations and values of an effective leader

- Understand individual strengths and values as a leader

- Resetting your personal and professional brand

- Utilise leadership styles to your advantage


Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

- Enhance self-awareness to lead and motivate your team through COVID and beyond

- Optimise personal strengths to enhance emotional competence 

- Utilise heightened EQ to make effective strategic decisions

- Override emotional responses to stressful situations


Evolve into the strategic decision-maker

- The shift from micro to macro leadership

- Develop and use political nous  

- Set and lead strategic directions across the organisation


Build resilience under pressure and uncertainty

- Anticipate and manage risk effectively

- Prepare for unexpected challenges

- Make crucial judgements under pressure

- Explore coaching styles of leadership

  • Garry Mills Presenter & Coach Garry Mills Peak Performance


Stakeholder management

- Engage and manage stakeholder expectations during disruption

- Represent and influence on behalf of your organisation with authority

- Engage and manage sensitive issues under pressure

- Harness and resolve conflict


Build team capability and accountability

- Strategies to leverage design thinking 

- Build reliability and accountability in your team

- Adaptable leadership strategies for managing different people

- Develop your team’s resilience to stress and change


Lead teams to achieve higher levels of performance 

- Align teams with organisational goals 

- Co-create high performance

- Tools for managing complex issues 

- Build cohesive and engaged teams


Implement personal leadership strategies back in the workplace 

- Being an authentic leader and communicator 

- Embrace resilience and agility

- Plan and commit to actions that will lead to success 

- Identify future leadership priorities

  • Garry Mills Presenter & Coach Garry Mills Peak Performance



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