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8th - 15th, July 2021
Virtual / Streaming

Turning Agile into action - The next step in your Agile journey


- 2 Full Day Workshops a week apart with takeaways to implement
- Cultivate & realise effective, scaleable Agile maturity to your organisation
- Apply design thinking to the Agile initiation phase
- Manage multiple teams under Scaled Agile Frameworks (LeSS, SAFe)
- Laws of Business Agility & future ways of working


Helen Snitkovsky

Helen is an Agile veteran who splits her time between start-ups and large enterprise companies. As an Enterprise Agile Coach, she has been transforming businesses towards Agility for over 10 years and is considered a veteran of the Agile movement. As CTO and co-founder, she helps start-ups to deploy a Lean and Agile approach to grow and scale business (or fail fast!). Her skills have helped corporations and start-ups to build better products faster. She is pragmatic and strives in establishing fit for purpose processes, modernising old school operations.

Enterprise Agile Coach, CTO & Director
MH Solutions


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Advanced Agile Project Management Workshop

08 Jul - 15 Jul


Kicking it off - Agile for project initiation

- Agile contracts and vendor management

- Drafting Agile project charter / business case

- Develop project roadmap with story mapping

- Collaborative planning techniques

Applying Design Thinking to the Agile initiation phase

- Customer value, feedback and insights

- 5 ways to run feasibility studies and test early

- Engaging stakeholders for Agile project

Agile project planning

- Roles of facilitation in the planning

- Risk management in Agile

- Surfacing and understanding complexities

- Integrating Scrum with communication plan

Making value visible

- Structuring financials for Agile projects

- How to set up team space for collaboration

- Visual management for Agile teams

- Agile procurement - managing risk and volatility

  • Helen Snitkovsky Enterprise Agile Coach, CTO & Director MH Solutions


It’s all in the delivery - Agile project execution

- Effective management of Scrum team and process

- Monitoring performance of Agile project, setting up metrics, making adjustments, etc

- Optimising for flow and agility

- Financial model for Agile portfolios

Technical excellence and business integration

- How to manage risks with technology advancements and Agile mindset

- Lean thinking and system thinking

- Integrating with adjacent teams (Operations, Marketing, PMO, and more) 

- Making the most out of retrospectives

Baking it into the culture - The Enterprise Agile mindset

- Scaling up - how to manage multiple teams under Scaled Agile Frameworks ( LeSS, SAFe ) 

- Understanding modern business environment

- Locating and assessing value streams

- Embedding innovations in portfolio and Enterprise Agile

Agile alchemy and a view to complete Business Agility

- Transitioning to a truly mature Agile environment

- Clear Agile action plan to take back to your organisation

- Laws of business agility and its implementation

- Future ways of working

  • Helen Snitkovsky Enterprise Agile Coach, CTO & Director MH Solutions


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