9th PMO Leadership Summit

Best practice strategies for cohesive PMO leadership & powerful people management

  • December 2nd - 5th, 2019
  • Hotel Grand Chancellor Brisbane


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- Cohesive leadership for PMO success
- Enhance your stakeholder communication skills
- Learn how to manage risk & crisis
- Solid strategies to future-proof your PMO


Paul Schmidt

Paul has over 26 years of experience across the private sector and local and state governments. This experience has spanned all phases of major transport projects in Queensland including planning, business case, design, delivery and operations. Paul has also established and managed multi-modal transport programs and lead the development of transit-oriented developments and other value-capture opportunities in Queensland.

Program Director, Program Management
Department of Transport & Main Roads

  • Alex Ma
    Superintendent Portfolio Planning
    BHP Billiton
  • Marta Baranska
    Executive Manager PMO & Performance
  • Fiona Debnam
    Head of EPMO
  • Michelle Merriman
    Head of Project Integration
    Anglo American Australia


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Stakeholder engagement & effective communication
Establishing & sustaining a valued PMO
Practical networking strategies
The power of the PMO in stakeholder engagement
Fit for purpose - Identifying the methodology for your project
Communication tools for high stakes situations
Get comfortable with risk-taking
Lead your team through crisis
A tailored approach to PMO lifecycles
Design effective discussion questions
Survive the growing pains
Transforming the UnitingCare D&T PMO
Moving toward PMO 2.0
The future of the PMO
Strategies to deliver transformational change
From surviving to thriving
A Blended Approach - Choosing the right methodologies for PMO Success
Pre-summit Workshop

02 Dec


PMOs sit at a sensitive cross-section in most organisations and manage budgets in the realms of millions. While coordinating diverse aspects of projects to meet critical deadlines, communication is an often-overlooked skill. Quality interactions lead to quality outcomes and conducting these conversations with confidence leads to a powerful PMO.

In this workshop, discover how quality conversations and presentation skills are paramount to any PMO's success.

Tailor your communication style to need and situation

- Who are you talking to? Identify your key stakeholders

- Adjust your style and deliver the correct message 

- Ask the right questions to get better results

Effective communication strategies

- How to build rapport and why it is important

- Mirror your customer

- Overcome communication barriers

Identify and understand team dynamics

- How to successfully speak with your team 

- Navigate difficult conversations

- Communicate when feeling pressured and how to stay in control

What’s next?

- Future strategies for better communication

- How to action communication strategies in the workplace

- Techniques to apply in the workplace

  • Andrea Kenny Management Consultant Andrea Kenny Consulting

Summit Day One

03 Dec

Case Study

The role of the PMO varies across organisations, but their success always begins by establishing a robust project scope. To do so, you must identify core requirements, deliverables, and milestones. Join Paul as he explores how the Department of Transport & Main Roads have gone above and beyond to create and sustain a value-driven PMO.


- Encourage contribution, collaboration, and innovation

- Recognise the diversity and capability in your teams

- Increase value through productivity

  • Paul Schmidt Program Director, Program Management Department of Transport & Main Roads


Networking may be daunting, but your career depends on it. Discover practical, interactive techniques to raise your profile and build your professional network.

- Explore speed networking

- Tips for getting to know someone

- The best way to promote yourself  

  • Gabrielle (Gabby) Button Director Australian Institute of Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Case Study

Suncorp has created an environment where stakeholder engagement can flourish. Marta will help you understand the different ways to engage stakeholders, allowing you to deliver the best service possible.

- Is what you offer what you deliver?

- Strategies for communicating with stakeholders

- Establishing trust with stakeholders

  • Marta Baranska Executive Manager PMO & Performance Suncorp

Case Study

With an extensive list of project management methodologies, you need to take care in ensuring you select the best fit for your PMO. But how? Explore the link between methodology and project success, then discover how to identify the right methodology that will help you deliver on time and within budget.

- Identify the correct methodology from the beginning

- Tailor your approach

- Embrace new challenges and be ready to adapt

  • Michael Fedrick Program Management Office Manager G8 Education Ltd


PMOs may be technical environments, but the human element should never be neglected. Our panellists will share their experiences on how quality communication enhanced their PMO. 


- Adopt an open-door policy approach with your team

- Build trust through effective communication

- Identify issues of mutual interest with stakeholders to strengthen relationships

  • Fiona Debnam Head of EPMO QSuper

  • Jacques Liebenberg Director, Strategic Program Office University of Queensland

  • Brad King PMO Manager Queensland Urban Utilities

Case Study

Risk is not always predictable, but befriending tricky situations is a vital and rewarding capability. Patrick will highlight the importance of managing risk and how it can be used to boost productivity.

- Adopt a mature PMO approach to risk

- How to use risk initiatives

- Risk management in the PMO

  • Patrick Curran PMO Manager, Group Strategy & Risk Super Retail Group

Case Study

What happens when projects go pear-shaped? Whatever obstacles you face, you must maintain composure through difficult times. Drawing on his military career of 40 years, David will teach you how to recover from crisis through effective leadership and a coordinated team effort.

- Leadership and resilience

- Maintain confidence within diverse teams

- Lead recovery projects

  • David McGahey Former Director General, Plan Centaur Department of Defence

Summit Day Two

04 Dec

Case Study

One size does not fit all in the world of PMO. Kristie will explore the lessons learned and value in applying a tailored framework to the implementation of a PMO.

- Move away from the cookie-cutter approach and improve PMO culture with a tailored framework to suit the organisation

- Identifying the critical themes and processes necessary to successfully execute projects under pressure

- Maximise the return on time, money and effort

  • Kristie Wilde PMO Director Queensland Reconstruction Authority

Break-Out Session

Case Study

Many businesses let common issues stand in the way of building a mature PMO. Kelly will guide us through the adventure of establishing a PMO from scratch, including how she approached the challenge and achieved successful outcomes.

- Strategies and techniques to get results

- How the sticky glue concept of leadership was successful

- An individual approach to change management

  • Kelly Davis PMO Manager Cubic Transportation Systems

Case Study

UnitingCare Queensland has undergone significant change in the last two years. With proper planning, team building and frameworks, they have been able to transform their PMO into a functioning, valued and cost-effective centre. Hear how the critical elements of this PMO have come together and continue to evolve.

- Establish frameworks, governance and value

- Recognise the importance of performance planning and future strategies

- Build the right team and get everyone on board

  • Natalie Belcher Digital & Transactional Services PMO Manager UnitingCare Queensland

Case Study

The rise of new technologies, digital transformation and AI can be daunting. Alex will guide us through this terrain by sharing BHP's experiences with technology and how embracing new digital ideas creates a value-centred PMO.

- Successfully running remote teams

- Converting to digital tools & moving toward PMO 2.0

- Artificial Intelligence - friend or foe?

  • Alex Ma Superintendent Portfolio Planning BHP Billiton


How do you establish a PMO as a valued business partner? Join our panellists as they discuss how they developed forward-focused action plans to ensure success.

- Collaborate to help manage expectations

- Effectively embed your PMO identity into the business world

- Strategies to build an innovative, strategically aligned, and flexible PMO

  • Michelle Merriman Head of Project Integration Anglo American Australia

  • Sarah Pollard PMO Lead Youfoodz

  • Kelly Clift PMO Quality Assurance Lead Griffith University

  • Paul Schmidt Program Director, Program Management Department of Transport & Main Roads

Case Study

While change can be challenging, it is becoming more frequent, radical, and complex. Wendy was the first Project Manager to be employed at RACQ and was instrumental to the success of numerous projects. She will explore how to lead proactive culture change and increase the value of your PMO.

- Affect change through project delivery

- Lead proactive organisational culture change

- Practical approaches to change management

  • Wendy Scott Former General Manager, Group PMO RACQ


This interactive roundtable will help you to take your learnings back into your workplace. Reflect on the themes discussed throughout the summit and create a plan for the future. 

- Lessons learned from the summit

- Steps to success

- How will you develop your value able PMO?

  • Gabrielle (Gabby) Button Director Australian Institute of Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Post-summit Workshop

05 Dec


Are you overwhelmed by the enormous array of methodologies presented to your PMO? Determining the best fit for your organisation is a critical decision, so you must understand the elements of each to make an educated choice. This workshop will explore the various types of methodologies available, how to select the correct one, and provide practical tools to apply the chosen method.

Key considerations when choosing project management methodologies

- Identify the methodologies used in PMO

- Where, why and how they are used

- How to effectively evaluate project management methodologies


Techniques and methodologies to improve performance

- Identify the principles of performance 

- Tools and visualisation techniques to streamline productivity

- Governance education and considerations


Determine the correct methodology to use

- What are the methodologies applicable in your workspace?

- Apply your chosen method to the PMO space

- Apply methodologies to the customer needs


Developing an action plan to implement improvements

- The execution of the action plan in the workspace

- Communicating changes to key stakeholders

- Tracking the success of your action plan

  • Georgina Rowe Executive Director Australian Institute of Leaders & Entrepreneurs


Hotel Grand Chancellor Brisbane

23 Leichhardt Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000, Australia

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