6th Annual Women in Leadership Queensland Summit

Develop your leadership skill set to ensure you stand out and step up to achieve long-term career success

  • March 25th - 29th, 2019
  • Stamford Plaza Brisbane


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Increase resilience & agility
Take charge of your career journey
Convert challenges into opportunities
Stand out, step up


Jen O'Farrell

Jen O'Farrell

Prior to commencing at the CCC in July 2015, Ms O’Farrell assisted the Commission of Inquiry into the regulation of the Queensland Greyhound Racing Industry as the Commission’s Executive Director. This role allowed her to combine her experience in law, risk management, corporate governance, workforce management and organisational strategy. She gained this experience through more than 15 years in both the public and private sectors, including as the General Manager, Strategy and Renewal and Director Legal Services at the Department of Transport and Main Roads, and as a solicitor with Corrs Chambers Westgarth lawyers.

Chief Executive Officer
Crime and Corruption Commission Queensland

  • Anne Finney
    Anne Finney
    Chief Risk Officer
  • Terry Powell
    Terry Powell
    Group Chief Information Officer
  • Liz Kearins
    Liz Kearins
    General Manager, Strategy, People and Safety
  • Peter Hoj
    Peter Hoj
    Vice Chancellor and President
    University of Queensland


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Download the PDF
Authentic leadership at work
Stand out, step up
Lead with authenticity
Overcome unconscious bias
Maximise agility and resilience
Master your work-life balance
Communicate courageously and confidently
Network for success
Lead through change and transformation
Develop your leadership presence
Interactive Solution Room - Explore career development opportunities
Stand out and lead
Cultivate an innovative mindset
The inner voice of strategic leadership
Step up to your next level leadership career
Women in Leadership Workshop Day One
Women in Leadership Workshop Day Two
Pre-Summit Workshop - 25 Mar - 09:00- 16:30


Authenticity is the cornerstone of effective leadership. To ensure sustainable and resilient leadership, we need to take a look at what it means to be authentic, confident, and to lead with a strength of character. Research shows authentic leaders are better corporate citizens, take fewer sick days, stay loyal to their employer and are more creative in their approach to work and life.

In this workshop, we focus on what distinguishes a great leader from a merely capable one. You will discover what motivates you to lead and learn how to communicate in ways that are consistent with inner thoughts, values, beliefs and feelings. You will also identify your unique skills and efficiencies through being fully aware of your own strengths and experience the clarity, focus and confidence to act authentically when it matters most.

Lead with authenticity

• Clarify your leadership purpose

• Know your strengths

• Identify your leadership style

Power and authority

• Understand what drives behaviour

• Identify patterns, triggers and emotional habits

• Leadership de-railers

Leverage your influence

• Increase assertiveness

• Adopt effective language

• Manage conflict

Leadership impact

• Take responsibility for your behaviour

• Lean into problems

• Develop your Leadership Impact Map

Conference Day One - 26 Mar - 08:55- 16:30

Case Study

To attain leadership success, you must first make your contributions visible and stand out to your peers and leaders. This session will teach you the secrets of demonstrating your value.

- Increase visibility

- Make your value visible

- Step up to the next level

  • Jen O'Farrell

    Jen O'Farrell Chief Executive Officer Crime and Corruption Commission Queensland

Case Study

Authenticity is the key to success as a leader. Being authentic is to believe in people as well as yourself. It's having the confidence to be vulnerable when you may not have all the answers.

- Define your purpose

- Communicate your values

- Nurture your team

  • Peter Hoj

    Peter Hoj Vice Chancellor and President University of Queensland

Case Study

Overcoming unconscious bias is a critical part of succeeding in your role. To overcome barriers and succeed in senior roles, you must enhance your awareness and take steps to develop your leadership presence.

- Identify and beat unconscious bias

- Accept and overcome limitations

- Develop your leadership presence

  • Lisa Hunt

    Lisa Hunt General Manager, Human Resources AVJennings

Case Study

Developing your emotional barrier to criticism will maximise your resilience during difficult times and future-proof your leadership success.

-Adopt an agile mindset

-Increase resilience to adversity

-Lead through change

  • Koliana Winchester

    Koliana Winchester Councillor Division 6 Moreton Bay Regional Council


A healthy work-life balance is a concept we all aspire to achieve, but standing out in your career and focusing on personal priorities can be challenging in practice. Join this interactive session as our panellists explore how they approach a work-life balance.

- Plan your priorities

- Be present in your environment

- Tricks to maximise your presence

  • Terry Powell

    Terry Powell Group Chief Information Officer Domino's

  • Danielle Ryan

    Danielle Ryan Head of Strategy, Marketing & Business Change BOQ Business

  • Michelle Kennedy

    Michelle Kennedy Director VET Investment Department of Employment, Small Business and Training QLD

Case Study

Men and women fundamentally differ as leaders, each bringing unique strengths and style to their roles. This session will explore how language can impact your perception and performance.

-Communicate confidently

-Handle difficult conversations

-Explore assertive language

  • Megan Houghton

    Megan Houghton Executive General Manager, Energy Solutions ERM Power

Expert Commentary

To make meaningful and sustainable relationships, you must master the art of confident communication to convey credibility and authenticity. In this interactive session, Rebecca will provide you with a set of adaptable and practical skills to incorporate into your conversations.

- Increase confidence, credibility and authenticity

- Practical tips for networking

- Project authenticity

Conference Day Two - 27 Mar - 08:55- 16:30

Case Study

In today's age of change, you must create an environment of effective adaptation and openness to transformation. Liz will share how Seqwater is transforming its organisational culture through a leader-led program with vision and values at its heart.

-Lead collaboratively

-Nurture talent and teamwork

-Embrace and advance change

  • Liz Kearins

    Liz Kearins General Manager, Strategy, People and Safety Seqwater

Case Study

An essential element of effective leadership is executive presence. The ability to demonstrate your value in a compelling way will allow you to effectively connect with and influence the people around you.

-Define your values

-Use your platform courageously

-Increase credibility

  • Senator Claire Moore

    Senator Claire Moore Shadow Minister for International Development and the Pacific and Former Shadow Minister for Women Australian Labour Party


Getting the right support throughout your career is vital for progression. This interactive experience will allow you to discuss your journey and challenges before putting your questions to our panel of experts.

-Embrace mentorship opportunities

-Find your advocate

-Explore alternate career pathways

  • Anne Finney

    Anne Finney Chief Risk Officer QSuper

  • Justin Muller

    Justin Muller Chief Finance Officer Department of Premier and Cabinet Queensland

  • Sally Rayner

    Sally Rayner General Manager, Group Assurance Programs Rio Tinto

  • Jeanette Allom-Hill

    Jeanette Allom-Hill Group Executive, Business Performance, Chief Operational Officer Sunshine Coast Council

Case Study

Effective leaders are able to guide their teams, remove barriers and allow people to unlock their potential. To drive your team's success and create value for your organisation, you must first understand yourself and create multi-dimensional partnerships.

- The importance of understanding yourself, your vulnerabilities and value

- Stand out as a confident, competent leader through multidimensional partnerships

- Recognise the value of your team and drive performance

  • Hazel Cromie

    Hazel Cromie General Manager, People & Safety AP Eagers

Case Study

Next-level leadership requires next level-thinking. Refining your innovative mindset and having the confidence to create changes will allow you to stand out and make your mark.

-Focus on your goals

-Have the confidence to take risks

-Reflect on your successes and failures

  • Phillipa Hay, CSC RAN

    Phillipa Hay, CSC RAN Chief of Staff, Australian Fleet Battle Staff Royal Australian Navy

Expert Commentary

Time and time again, even in difficult and uncertain circumstances, the most effective leaders focus their attention and overcome entrenched patterns of behaviour to push an organisation to new heights of success. This interactive session will explore the secrets of strategic leadership.

- Tap into your inner strategic leadership voice

- Move from transactional to transformational leadership

- Step up your leadership capability


This final interactive session will highlight the key messages and skills learned over the past two days. You will consolidate your action plan and map out how to stand out and reach your full potential.

-Lessons learned from the summit

-Incorporate lessons into your leadership skill set

-Create your action plan for the future

Post- Summit Workshop - 28 Mar - 09:00- 16:30


In a changing and dynamic environment, leaders face a wide range of obstacles. Truly effective leaders are constantly learning and adapting. They focus on developing their skills to ensure they are able to effectively navigate these day-to-day hurdles.

All leaders face the task of motivating themselves and those around them. This will span team members, colleagues and their superiors. Understanding the dynamics of motivation, influence and the strategies to drive performance are key to excelling as a leader.

This workshop will develop the critical skills for success and explore the unique challenges many women face on their leadership journeys. Attendees will return to the office with renewed confidence and a clear, workable leadership plan.

Developing self-awareness and authenticity

- Values-based leadership: what it means to be an authentic leader

- Identifying your key strengths and potential derailers as a leader

- Identifying how best to utilise your optimal leadership style within the context of your organisation

High level communication, influence and negotiation skills

- Managing emotions for positive and assertive communication

- Developing techniques of persuasion and negotiation to influence with “conversational intelligence”

- Preparing for and having difficult conversations with confidence 

Developing self and others with “reflective leadership”

- Clarifying the benefits of reflective practice in leadership

- Developing the skills and capacity for reflective practice

- Using reflective practice to influence the quality of culture through the quality of relationships

Strategic career progression

- Everyday career management practices and creating a personal leadership plan

- Maximising existing networks and building new ones for professional opportunities

- Skills and approaches in managing your image and visibility without feeling you are “selling yourself”


Transformational leadership strategies to accelerate team performance

- Leveraging team dynamics to enhance performance

- Challenging, supporting and empowering others

- Managing uncooperative staff members

Driving change and innovation as a female leader

- Recognising and overcoming hurdles to change

- Trusting your intuition and stepping outside your comfort zone

- Embedding a positive change culture in an organisation

Remaining productive in a crisis

- Building resilience to thrive under pressure

- Supporting your team and engaging others to deliver

- Debriefing after crisis - providing and accepting feedback

Action planning for leadership

- Developing a personalised approach: short and long-term

- Understanding challenges

- Sharing approaches for moving your career forward


Stamford Plaza Brisbane

Corner of Margaret & Edward Streets, Brisbane, QLD, 4000, Australia

07 3221 1999

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