5th Women in Leadership SA Summit

Connecting, empowering and supporting female leaders to unleash their potential and achieve career success

  • March 25th - 29th, 2019
  • Stamford Plaza Adelaide Hotel


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Inspire change in your organisation
Power success through mentoring
Build mental mechanisms for success
Develop your leadership roadmap


Jo Fox

Joanne is an accomplished HR executive with significant experience in global ASX 100 companies such as health care, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, manufacturing, R&D and resources sectors. Joanne is experienced in working with Senior Executives and Boards primarily in the areas of executive remuneration, people, talent and executive succession strategies. She is responsible for diversity strategy design and leadership, including the introduction of an innovative ‘superannuation top-up’ scheme for employees on unpaid parental leave.

Chief HR Officer
Santos Ltd

  • Bobbette Scott
    Partner, Head of South Australia
    Knight Frank Australia
  • Richard Price
    Chief Executive & Head of the South Australian Space Industry Centre
    Defence SA
  • Marija Jovanovich
    Wing Commander, Executive Officer
    Royal Australian Air Force
  • Amanda Weir
    Head of Geoscience & Resource Engineering
    BHP Billiton


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Download the brochure
Master a growth mindset - Master your success
Follow your dreams & succeed despite adversity
It begins with you
Power success through mentoring
Be the change - Transform workplace culture
Lead with emotional intelligence
Re-imagine work-life balance
Success is the biggest cause of failure
Breaking through bias
The power of networking
Make your wildest dreams come true
Success Circle: The psychology of self-doubt
Re-framing the narrative
When women lead
Think tank - Understand your unique strengths
Achieve the 'impossible'
The language of leadership
Create a culture of employee engagement
From reflection to action
Day One - Thursday 28th March 2019
Day Two - Friday 29th March 2019
Pre-Summit Workshop - 25 Mar


As a leader, you must be willing and ready to respond to personal and professional challenges, whether this is managing your emotions or overcoming feelings of self-doubt. Developing emotional agility is the first step in achieving a growth mindset and taking your career to the next level. Growth mindsets require a set of attitudes and behaviours that reflect the belief that an individual's talent is not set in stone. Talent can be developed, intelligence can be fostered, creativity and innovation can be strengthened and leaders can emerge.

This interactive workshop delves deeper into emotional intelligence in the workplace and provides you with the skills and strategies to overcome ‘imposter syndrome’. You'll learn how to tackle feelings of inferiority, deal with criticism and develop your professional brand identity. Discover the fundamentals of emotional agility, self-management and develop the skills to achieve a growth mindset and master your professional success. 

Overcome imposter syndrome 

- Acknowledge your feelings and let go of perfectionism 

- Understand your strengths and weaknesses

- Own your accomplishments and communicate your value

Develop emotional agility and overcome criticism

- Balance positive and negative feelings 

- The circles of control, influence and concern

- View criticism as a stepping stone, not a brick wall

Build your professional brand and leadership identity

- Identify your uniqueness and personal strengths

- Develop authenticity and purpose

- Use your personal brand to strengthen your leadership identity 

Self-management and self-leadership 

- Manage stress and stay emotionally present

- Be proactive and manage your priorities 

- Cultivate optimism and develop good habits

Conference Day 1 - 26 Mar

Case Study

Bobbette Scott is no stranger to making bold moves in her life and career, rising to the challenges and opportunities that have come her way. Sharing her own inspirational journey, she will discuss the importance of embracing risk and continually striving to reach your dream.

- Have the courage to venture into the unknown

- Cut your own path to success

- Believe in the impossible and apply action to your dreams

  • Bobbette Scott Partner, Head of South Australia Knight Frank Australia


This short and interactive session meets you where you are, helps you see what you want to improve, as well as celebrating what is already working well. Get in the right headspace for this inspirational and empowering two-day event.

- Embrace your values

- Discover your strengths

- Craft your personal vision

Case Study

Learning from a successful mentor in your field can elevate your professional capabilities and help you achieve your career goals with confidence. Professor Monro will reflect on her career to explore the relationship mentors have with leadership development and the importance of supporting women.

- Understand the role of mentorship in career success

- Gain enhanced self-esteem through professional recognition

- Develop new skills, knowledge and leadership capabilities

  • Tanya Monro Chief Defence Scientist Department of Defence

Case Study

Workplace culture begins with people. Culture can have a huge influence on the quality of work produced and a major impact on an employee's sense of belonging and self worth. Discover change leadership capabilities, understand the importance of mindset and align your team around your vision to create positive change in your organisation.

- Develop change leadership capabilities

- Change requires a new mindset, not just new skills

- Align your team around your vision

  • Richard Price Chief Executive & Head of the South Australian Space Industry Centre Defence SA


Leaders who are self-aware and able to engage hearts as well as minds generate higher performance from themselves, their team and their organisation. This interactive session introduces new ways to harness your emotions and those of others to enhance decision-making, improve behaviour and facilitate high performance as an impactful and influential leader.

- Discover emotional intelligence competencies

- Increase personal and professional effectiveness

- Build mental mechanisms for work-life success


The complex demands of modern society have re-defined the notion of work-life balance. This balance has different meanings for different people and understanding what work-life balance means to you is the first step to achieving harmony between your personal and professional lives.

- Define what work-life balance means to you

- Effectively manage conflicting stresses

- Set realistic expectations and goals

  • Jo Fox Chief HR Officer Santos Ltd

  • Bronwyn Corbet Director, Institutional Banking ANZ

  • Karmin Van Groesen Director, Community Culture Australian Taxation Office

  • Sophie Davies State Manager SA & ACT Cotton On

Case Study

Success creates habits which create culture, but what happens when those habits no longer work? Donald McGurk will explore the relationship between success and failure, discuss how to create sustainable momentum and highlight the importance of reflecting on your own successes and failures. 

- Create and sustain momentum 

- Overcome the unwillingness to take risks

- Reflect on your successes and failures

  • Donald McGurk Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Codan Limited

Case Study

In this session, you will explore how to create a high performance culture by leveraging the diversity of thinking, perspective and background. You will build an understanding of unconscious bias and our reactions to difference in the workplace.

- Create high performance by leveraging diversity 

- Build an understanding of unconscious bias

- Develop leadership behaviours to maximise the benefits of diversity

  • Leah Marrone President Women Lawyers' Association SA

Expert Commentary

Career advancement is as much about who you know as what you know. Networking provides the possibility of new job opportunities and cultivates your social and professional network. In this interactive session, you will discover and explore the power of networking and how it can lead to career success.

- Expand your circle of influence

- Exchange opinions and ideas for a fresh outlook

- Create opportunities and utilise new connections

Conference Day 2 - 27 Mar

Case Study

Exploring a new career can let you achieve your professional dreams and harness your natural talents and passions. Set your career soaring in a whole new direction by discovering new career pathways, developing a transferable set of skills for success in any career and leading change by bringing people with you.

- Discover new career pathways

- Skills and habits for success

- Drive change by bringing people with you

  • Elaine Bensted Chief Executive Zoos South Australia


Self-doubt is not always negative and can actually push you in the right direction. In this interactive session, you will share your feelings of self-doubt and teach each others about your strategies to balancing and managing these feelings.

- Celebrate your successes

- Share experiences of self-doubt and how to overcome it

- Personal approaches to manage self-doubt

Case Study

Wing Commander Marija Jovanovich is the most senior female pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force and was the first Australian to graduate from the US Air Force Test Pilot School in 25 years. Her example proves that it is possible to overcome barriers to success and succeed as a high performing female leader in a male dominated environment.

- Excelling as a woman in a male-dominated environment

- The importance of re-framing the narrative

- Determination and self-empowerment as pivotal factors for success

  • Marija Jovanovich Wing Commander, Executive Officer Royal Australian Air Force


The world needs women leaders who are willing to take a stand for what they believe in. As change agents and passionate leaders, our panelists will explore the changing role of women in leadership, discuss authentic leadership styles and examine the challenges and opportunities that face women in leadership.

- Understand the changing role of women in leadership

- Adopt an authentic leadership style that suits you

- Examine the challenges and opportunities facing women in leadership

  • Amanda Weir Head of Geoscience & Resource Engineering BHP Billiton

  • Clare Pollock Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Students Flinders University

  • Gillian Aldridge Mayor City of Salisbury

  • Sally Gubbin State Manager SA & NT, Retail Banking Commonwealth Bank Australia

  • Debbie Sterrey General Manager, Business Development Statewide Super


Reflect on the inspirational and empowering stories of the women in the previous panel discussion. Identify your unique strengths and weaknesses, discuss the career challenges you have overcome and appreciate your self-worth and motivations.

- Identify your strengths and weaknesses

- Discuss your personal career challenges

- Appreciate your self-worth, reinforce your values and your motivations

Case Study

When faced with insurmountable challenges, many of us would throw in the towel, but there are the times when true leaders keep going and push forward. Using her extensive experience in the public and private sector, Denise will share her insight on navigating male-dominated industries and stereotypes, making the most of opportunities and using a different way of thinking to achieve what others thought 'impossible'.

- Develop different ways of thinking

- Overcome challenges and barriers to success

- Understand opportunities to transition and evolve in your career

  • Denise McMillan-Hall Chief Executive Officer Arthritis SA


Words are more than a means of communication, they can shape our beliefs, behaviors, feelings and actions. This interactive session will provide you with an understanding of the communication process, how to identify and develop methods to overcome barriers to effective communication, gain commitment and influence without authority and overcome resistance by employing influencing techniques.

- Understand the communication process 

- Identify and develop methods to break down barriers to effective communication

- Gain commitment and loyalty while employing influencing techniques

Case Study

Satisfied and engaged employees make a world of difference to organisational productivity and performance. Drive employee engagement through bottom-up strategies, develop employee voice and promote sharing good practice between all teams and levels of your organisation.

- Bottom-up, not top-down

- Develop an employee voice

- Share good practice and ideas between teams

  • Sue McCarrey Chief Executive Officer Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator


In this last interactive session our expert facilitator, Miriam, will guide you through a reflection of the key learning outcomes and takeaways from the last two days. You will reflect on your journey so far, identify potential opportunities for progression and create an action plan for your future success.

- Reflect on key learning outcomes from the last two days 

- Identify opportunities for your future

- Create an action plan and set SMART career goals

Post-Summit Workshop - 28 Mar


Developing authentic leadership

·        Developing self-awareness and authenticity

·        Identifying and evaluating your key strengths as a leader

·        Trusting your instincts and accessing your intuition


Refining your leadership skills

·        Building your unique strengths

·        Influencing with integrity

·        Cultivating a high-performing mindset

·        Leading with purpose


Building confidence and resilience

·        Strategies to build and radiate confidence

·        Developing resilience

·        Developing your cohort of support to be yourself


Internalise your leadership identity

·        Self-empowerment to underpin career progression and risk-taking

·        Developing an authentic leadership voice

·        Connecting leadership and wellbeing

  • Miriam Henke Health Psychologist, Executive Coach, Director Miriam Henke Consulting & Lifespan Dynamics Pty Ltd


High-level communication skills

·        Knowing and leveraging your communication style

·        Developing and communicating confidence, poise and assertiveness

·        Managing conflict and having difficult conversations with confidence


 Building a high-performance team

·        Developing and managing a high-performance team

·        Techniques, tools and channels to boost motivation

·        Creating a positive culture of engagement and success


Driving your team forward

·        Gaining greater influence as a team leader and managing challenges effectively

·        Exerting greater influence

·        Effectively responding to a demanding environment


Strategic career progression

·        Skills for self-promotion and accelerated career progression

·        Understanding and overcoming workplace bias and negative cultures

·        Achieving improved leadership performance with a personal action plan

  • Miriam Henke Health Psychologist, Executive Coach, Director Miriam Henke Consulting & Lifespan Dynamics Pty Ltd


Stamford Plaza Adelaide Hotel

150 North Terrace, Adelaide, SA, 5000, Australia

08 8461 1111

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