4th Women in Property & Real Estate Leadership Summit

Position yourself for promotion and build an extraordinary skill set as a female property leader

  • March 26th - 29th, 2019
  • Sheraton on the Park


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Craft your ideal career narrative
Expand influence and cultivate followership
Build the confidence to lead authentically
Stand out, step up and seize opportunities


Kylie O'Connor

Fund Manager, AMP Capital Diversified Property Fund and incoming Chief Operating Officer, Real Estate
AMP Capital

  • Penny Ransom
    Group Executive and Head of Investment Management
    Investa Property Group
  • Natalie Devlin
    Group Executive, People, Brand and Community
    Charter Hall Group
  • Sadhana Smiles
    Chief Executive Officer, Property Management
    Harcourts International
  • Sarah Slattery
    Managing Director
    Slattery Australia


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Download the brochure
Networking Introduction (Interactive Activity)
Advice to my younger self (Fireside Chat)
Craft your compelling story
Defining Moments - Dare to Believe (A Storytelling Series)
Keep it real as an authentic leader
Get the most from your mentor/mentee relationship
Beyond work/life balance, make your life work better for you
Stand up and Energise (Micro Session)
BrainDates (Interactive Activity)
Defining Moments - Don't Worry, Be Happy (A Storytelling Series)
Nail your networking with effective communication
Welcome Back Opener (Interactive Activity)
Cultivate the right community for your team
Flourish in the future of property
Defining Moments - Navigating opportunities (A Storytelling Series)
Fast facts for a better interview (Micro Session)
Forge your leadership path
Build resilience through neuroscience
The difference between a manager and a leader
Defining Moments - The Incredible Journey (A Storytelling Series)
Defining Moments - An Unexpected Lesson (A Storytelling Series)
Write your future story
Conference Day 1 - 27 Mar


Open the event with an interactive activity to discover who's who at the conference and to assess your goals for the summit.

Case Study

Many leaders have had valuable learning experiences which have helped shape who they are today. In this fireside chat, Adrienne will reflect on her journey and share some of those defining moments to help you on your own journey.

- Reflect on what worked and why

- Learn from past mistakes to foster growth

- Key takeaways and leadership insights

  • Danelle Hunter Managing Director Biggin & Scott Knox

Expert Commentary

In the competitive property environment, it is important to stand out and leave a lasting impression but it can be challenging to know how to do this effectively. Amy will help you build the confidence to put yourself forward and offer insights to craft your own compelling career narrative.

- Build confidence and overcome self-doubt

- Be memorable through the art of storytelling

- Craft your own career narrative and speak your truth

Case Study

  • Louise Rowe National Director, Office Leasing Colliers International

Case Study

Sadhana has a wealth of experience in the property field, having found success in the business and as a leader through authenticity. Sharing her expertise, Sadhana will offer insights into this important career lesson.

- What it means to adopt a 'real' approach

- Be authentic as a strong leader in the industry

- Why being 'real' can be a key to success

  • Sadhana Smiles Chief Executive Officer, Property Management Harcourts International

Case Study

As the first woman to lead a quantity surveying firm in Australia, Sarah is a role model to many. Sarah's mentee, Scarlette Huang from Gallagher Jeffs, will be joining her for a joint presentation. They will share their story of how they cultivated a powerful relationship to foster growth for both of them.

- Recognise when a mentorship is born

- Navigate the conflicts and complexities of the relationship

- Learn from each other and foster mutual development

  • Sarah Slattery Managing Director Slattery Australia

  • Scarlette Huang Project Manager Gallagher Jeffs


Successful leaders in the property field face a finely tuned balancing act, attending to a raft of competing responsibilities. To achieve peak potential, you must learn to manage stress, juggle priorities and navigate the work-life conflicts on the path to senior leadership. This interactive panel will explore the many ways to make your life work better for you.

- Strategies to improve time management

- Maintain wellbeing without compromising ambition

- Different ways to tackle the work-life balance challenge

  • Tim Church Managing Director Head of Real Estate Australasia UBS

  • Andrew Vamvakaris Director, Property Development La Trobe University

  • Amanda Majarres Head of Group Property QANTAS Airways


Get your energy flowing with this short and uplifting activity to help you focus better


It can feel hard to prepare for all the different leadership challenges that can arise within property and real estate. In this interative activity where problem solving meets networking, our chair will lead you through a variety of mock challenges to help you get ahead of the game.
- Improve collaboration and teamwork
- Tackle problems strategically and head on
- Think outside of the box

Case Study

  • Nicola McDougall Board Member Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA)

Expert Commentary

To make influential and sustainable connections, you must have the ability to make a lasting impact and communicate clearly and effectively. Drawing on years of experience as a leadership coach, Cath will explore how to maximise your opportunities through communication and networking skills.
- Enhance authentic and strategic communication
- Strategies to work the room effortlessly
- Develop the confidence to find your voice

Conference Day 2 - 28 Mar


Our chair will welcome you back to the event with this interactive opening activity to check in with how you're tracking with your conference goals.

Case Study

The journey to the top is best accomplished with a strong community around you. The right team and a positive workplace culture is key to fostering retention and better performance. Deborah will draw on her own experiences to discuss the many ways to set your team up for success.

- Build a positive workplace culture

- The benefits of a team more talented than you

- Do 'good' as a leader, not just 'well'

  • Deborah Cullen Head of Prestige Residential Knight Frank Australia

Case Study

In the competitive field of property and real estate, change burgeons on the horizon with new technologies and innovation facilitating the future. Stephanie will share her insights to maximise the benefits of transformation and the innovation that lies ahead.

- Tackle tech and transformation

- Ignite innovation and drive change

- Prepare for the future

  • Stephanie Vanin General Manager, Residential Sales Stockland

Case Study

  • Penny Ransom Group Executive and Head of Investment Management Investa Property Group


In this brief interactive activity, hear expert coach Cath Nolan's best tips to improve your interview skills.

Case Study

With a wealth of experience in property, Kylie has built an exceptional career. In this session, she will offer the tips and strategies to help you define your personal leadership path.
- Propel personal growth and career advancement
- Define your own path to successful leadership
- Practical advice from a strong female leader

  • Kylie O'Connor Fund Manager, AMP Capital Diversified Property Fund and incoming Chief Operating Officer, Real Estate AMP Capital

Expert Commentary

The key to successful, grounded leadership lies in understanding the most powerful tool you possess: your brain. Sharing her knowledge as a neuroleadership and resilience expert, Kristen will discuss how to harness the power of your brain to build your confidence and maximise mental resources.

- Harness your brain power

- Build resilience and emotional intelligence

- Develop more effective decision making


It's a topic that remains hotly contested - is there room for both a leadership and management mentality? In this interactive discussion, our panel of experts will share how they interpret these mentalities and how best to create a well-rounded team dynamic.

- Make the distinction between manager and leader

- Employ the strengths of both in approaching team dynamics

- Learn where the leader starts and the manager ends

  • Anna Tooma Owner and Managing Director, Surfers Paradise and Gold Coast LJ Hooker Australia

  • Joanne Cain National Real Estate Manager Australian Catholic University

  • Stephanie Vanin General Manager, Residential Sales Stockland

  • Penny Ransom Group Executive and Head of Investment Management Investa Property Group

Case Study

  • Natalie Devlin Group Executive, People, Brand and Community Charter Hall Group

Case Study

  • Suzette Lamont National Director, Client Solutions & Asset Services CBRE


In this final session of the summit, Tanja will reflect upon the various themes and inspiring stories form the event to fuel your leadership journey. Through an engaging discussion, she will offer ideas and suggestions around the key takeaways from the conference.
- Key skills to succeed in the industry with confidence
- How to craft your own leadership narrative
- An action plan to take your career to the next level


Sheraton on the Park

161 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

(02) 9286 6000

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