• February 11th - 15th, 2019
  • Darwin, Australia
  • Event Starting In!

    18 Days

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3rd Women in Leadership NT Summit

Step out of your comfort zone and seize opportunities to step up in your leadership career

  • February 11th - 15th, 2019
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Esplanade Darwin


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- Establish key leadership skills
- Seize opportunities to step up in the NT
- Expand your professional network
- Be bold, be brave, be better


Catherine Stoddart

Department of Health NT

  • Matthew Pearse
    Commander 1st Brigade
    Australian Army
  • Linda Murry
    General Manager, Gove Operations
    Rio Tinto
  • Lisa Grundy
    Regional General Manager, Northern Territory
  • Jill Adams
    Director, People & Capability
    Charles Darwin University


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18 Days

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Download the PDF
Communication toolkit - Applying EQ for communication excellence
Be bold, seize opportunities
Set your goals
Project confident communication
Be boardroom ready
Navigate difficult conversations
Make work-life balance a reality
Reinforce your resilient self
Lift as you lead
Optimise networking opportunities
Know your values, embrace who you are
Define your authentic leadership style
Exploring Leadership
Challenges and opportunities of a transient workforce
Prepare questions for interview
Stepping into the C-Suite - Advice from the CEO
Cultivate your confidence
The power of mindful leadership
Be bold, be brave, be better
Northern Territory Women's Leadership Workshop - Day One
Northern Territory Women's Leadership Workshop - Day Two
Pre-Summit Workshop - 11 Feb - 09:00- 16:30


Exceptional communication is the cornerstone of effective leadership. As an existing or aspiring leader in the Territory, your capacity to influence and engage different behavioural styles is vital to your effectiveness.

This interactive workshop will delve into how you can use emotional intelligence and behavioural profiling to maximise your influence and engagement. You will explore the power of communication and walk away with new strategies for incorporating these skills into the workplace and demonstrating readiness to step up to the next leadership level. 


Apply emotional intelligence fundamentals to communication

- Explore the elements of emotional intelligence

- How to identify your strengths and weaknesses

- Evaluate your emotional responses and their effects  

Strengthen your resilience and resolve

- Communicate conscientiously during tough times

- Deal constructively with stress, criticism and setbacks

 - Effectively manage conflict and turn negativity into opportunity 


Adapting communication for different behavioural styles

- How you can use the E-DISC model

- Understand your audience

- Adapt your style 


Empower confidence in your ideas

- Advocate for yourself

 - Leverage research and resources

 - Communicate the value of your idea

Conference Day 1 - 12 Feb - 08:55- 16:30

Case Study

To reach the next level in your career, it is vital to actively seek and seize opportunities. A mix of confidence and resilience will equip you with the ability to overcome obstacles in your path and shape a successful career. 

- Transform obstacles into opportunities

- Realise your potential 

- Take control of your career path


Set your short, mid and long-term professional goals.

- Short = Over the next two days

- Mid = Over the next six weeks

- Long = For 2019

Case Study

Confident, clear and concise communication is an essential skill for leadership success. Hear Jo share the importance of effective communication on her career journey. 

- Use the power of communication to gain respect

- Communicate with confidence

- Expand your influence

  • Jo Fitzpatrick Statewide Super Business Development Manager NT

Case Study

Joining a board gives you the opportunity to utilise transferable skills and gain new ones. In this session, Karen will explore the importance and benefits of sitting on boards.

- Transition from non-executive to executive

- Identify your leadership strategy

- Build your board career

  • Karen Green Managing Partner Northern Territory Deloitte


An inherent part of your career journey will involve tackling difficult conversations. In this mini workshop, you will gain practical strategies to navigate these situations. 

- Develop a practical approach to negotiation and influence

- Executive presence and leadership impact

- Formal and informal authority


With an abundance of competing responsibilities, leaders are faced with a formidable balancing act. Many make the assumption that you cannot achieve both personal and professional goals at the same time. This interactive panel will consider the many methods to help you find your work-life balance.

- Maintain well-being without compromising ambition

- Manage competing expectations

- Know your limits

  • Matthew Pearse Commander 1st Brigade Australian Army

  • Linda Murry General Manager, Gove Operations Rio Tinto

  • Scott Waters CEO City of Darwin

Case Study

Remaining resilient through difficult times is an essential skill if you want to succeed as a leader. Jenny will use her experiences to illustrate how you can keep your resilience intact through times of change and uncertainty.

- Stay motivated to succeed

- Techniques to develop resilience 

- Remain resilient through organisational disposition

  • Jenny Willis Director, Chief Officer Strategy and Capability Northern Territory Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services

Case Study

Managing and mentoring an agile team is a challenging task. To cultivate the next generation of leaders, it is necessary to support your team and enable them to thrive.

- Mentor as you manage 

- Recognise opportunities for your team

- Leave a leadership legacy

  • Sarah Corcoran Executive Director, Bio-Security and Animal Welfare Department of Primary Industry and Resources NT

Expert Commentary

Developing constructive networks is an essential skill for unlocking leadership potential. Productive networking skills can lead to the discovery and creation of support networks for like-minded individuals.

- Identify and build support networks

- Welcome and initiate conversation

- Strategies to work the room and network effortlessly

Conference Day 2 - 13 Feb - 08:55- 16:30

Case Study

When it comes to leadership, there isn't a one-size-fits-all model for success. You must identify your unique strengths and develop an effective leadership style that suits you. 

- Exercise authentic leadership

- Connect with personal values

- Navigate conflict between generational styles

  • Lisa Grundy Regional General Manager, Northern Territory Westpac


Based on the lessons learned in the previous session, write down and share:

- Your personal values

- Your unique strengths

  • Catie Kirke Founder and Creator A.R.T. Your Life

Case Study

Insight, introspection and self-reflection have become the holy grail of leadership development, Samantha will explore leadership and her experiences, of how external knowledge, new experiences and acting like a leader, enabled her to become a better leader from the outside in.

- The Outsight Principle

- Competency Trap 

- Understanding the Power of Perspective

  • Samantha Day - Johnston General Manager, Transformation Power and Water Corporation


The NT is well-known for its transient workforce. This interactive panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities this poses.

- Strategies to retain skilled professionals in the territory

- Make your team feel valued

- Seize opportunities to step up

  • Jill Adams Director, People & Capability Charles Darwin University

  • Lesley Bryce General Manager Operations Energy Resources of Australia Ltd (Rio Tinto)

  • Sharon Paulka Manager, Closure Energy Resources of Australia

  • Kym Cairns Managing Director Cairns Industries


  • Catie Kirke Founder and Creator A.R.T. Your Life


This short interview session will give you the opportunity to gain insight into Catherine's accomplished career. Catherine will share how she has navigated her career challenges and reached the top.

- Learn how they made it to the top

- How to search for opportunities for progression

- Turn obstacles into opportunities

  • Catherine Stoddart CEO Department of Health NT

Case Study

To be a successful leader, you must have confidence in your personal and professional abilities. In this session, you'll learn why confidence can be the difference between doing and succeeding.

- Face your fears and keep moving forward

- Seize opportunities and take action

- Build and channel your strengths

  • Rachel Beaumont-Smith Commissioner, Board of Tourism Northern Territory Managing Director, Darwin Harbour Cruises


A mindful leadership approach can aid resilience and increase effectiveness of yourself and your team. Join Jessica to gain practical takeaways for managing wellbeing and stress to make clearer decisions and maintain professional resilience.

- Develop daily strategies to deal with stress and competing priorities

- Manage compassion fatigue and percieved stressors

- Develop effective habits to enable a more productive and constructive mindset


This interactive roundtable provides the opportunity to discuss challenges and collaborate, allowing you to find effective solutions to be bold and unlock your leadership potential.

- Reflect on key lessons 

- Strategies to be bold

- Support systems for emerging leaders

  • Catie Kirke Founder and Creator A.R.T. Your Life

Post-Summit Workshop - 14 Feb - 08:30- 16:30


Developing self-awareness and authenticity

- Values-based leadership: what it means to be an authentic leader

- Identifying your key strengths and potential de-railers as a leader

- Identifying how best to utilise your optimal leadership style within the context of your organisation

High level communication, influence and negotiation skills

- Managing emotions for positive and assertive communication and relationships

- Developing techniques of persuasion, negotiation and influencing with coaching skills and “conversational intelligence”

- Preparing for and having difficult conversations with confidence 

Developing self and others with “reflective leadership”

- Clarifying the benefits of reflective practice in leadership

- Developing the skills and capacity for reflective practice

- Using reflective practice to influence the quality of the culture through the quality of relationships

Strategic career progression

- Everyday career management practices and creating a personal leadership plan

- Maximising existing relationships and networks and building new ones for professional opportunities

- Skills and approaches in managing your image and visibility without feeling you are “selling yourself”

  • Catie Kirke Founder and Creator A.R.T. Your Life


Transformational leadership strategies to accelerate team performance

- Leveraging team dynamics to enhance performance

- Challenging, supporting and empowering others

- Managing uncooperative staff members

Driving change and innovation as a female leader

- Recognising and overcoming hurdles to change

- Trusting your intuition and stepping outside your comfort zone

- Embedding a positive change culture in an organisation

Remaining productive in a crisis

- Building resilience to thrive under pressure

- Supporting your team and engaging others to deliver

- Debriefing after crisis - providing and accepting feedback

 Action planning for leadership

- Developing a personalised approach for the short and long-term

- Understanding challenges

- Sharing approaches for moving your career forward

  • Catie Kirke Founder and Creator A.R.T. Your Life


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Esplanade Darwin

116 Esplanade, Darwin, NT, 0800, Australia

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