• February 18th - 22nd, 2019
  • Melbourne, Australia
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    25 Days

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10th Digital RIM Summit

Gain the skillset to confidently manage records & information on the digitisation journey

  • February 18th - 22nd, 2019
  • Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre


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- Streamline RIM processes
- Facilitate change management
- Generate collaborative buy-in
- Implement information governance


Eric Swain

Eric Swain is at the National Archives of Australia in Canberra. Eric is responsible for guiding strategic initiatives relating to information policy in the Australian government sector, including implementation of the Digital Continuity 2020 policy.


Director a/g, Commonwealth Information Policy
National Archives of Australia

  • Wendy Collis
    Manager, Information Management Systems
    Department of Finance, Services & Innovation NSW
  • Trisha Lee
    Head of Data Risk & Compliance
  • Adam Lindsay
    Director Collections, Access and Engagement
    State Archives and Records Authority of New South Wales
  • Craig de Rooden
    Global IT Head of Business Improvement and Transformation
    Toll Group


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Download the PDF
Preparing for the future of Records and Information Management - 5 year plan
Navigating the digital journey
Micro session - Set your goals
Unlocking information to drive better decision making
Using ISO 38500 to govern digital transformation
Managing change in an ever-changing environment
Integrating information governance principles
Improving strategy and governance through IM
Designing a Target Operating Model for RIM
Adopting agile to drive digital transformation
Digital Continuity 2020 – We're almost there
Calming the chaos in complex data
Managing data privacy and security in a digital world
Solution Spotlight
Applying machine learning to improve efficiency
Generating buy-in when rolling out digitisation
Digital forever - Preserving Victoria's records
Conquering digital chaos
RIM & ICT Professionals Leadership Workshop - Day One
RIM & ICT Professionals Leadership Workshop - Day Two
Pre-Summit Workshop - 18 Feb - 09:00- 16:30


The possibilities provided by seismic shifts in technology, demographics and the economy are endless. Identifying and executing innovative ways to manage information has never been more critical. The question is, how can organisations utilise records and information to address the challenges posed by an exponentially changing future?

This workshop will help you to future-proof your information and records management strategy, manage the complexity inherent with digital disruption and use it to improve the quality of business services.

Designing a Target Operating Model that delivers

- Overview and key components

- Convert strategy into capabilities

- Deliver positive business outcomes

Diving deep into lean workflow automation

- Identify areas for workflow improvement

- Improve efficiency

- Enhance collaboration and communication

Driving user adoption of new systems

- Strategies to overcome immunity to change

- Equip staff with digital capabilities to operate in digital environments

- Reduce the learning curve associated with transformation

Harnessing the power of emerging digital technologies

- Overcome complex integration challenges

- Improve decision-making based on significant data insights

- Improve efficiency across the operating model

  • Andy Corbett Managing Director S&O Consulting Group

Conference Day 1 - 19 Feb - 08:55- 16:30

Case Study

As we continue into the digital era, RIM professionals must be equipped with the skills to plan, manage and deliver digital RIM projects. Wendy will highlight the importance of effective information management and how to embed information management principals into cloud-based systems.

- The role of RIM in the 'cloudy' world

- Apply information governance principles to the way information is handled in Office 365

- Develop a product set of recently digitised information

  • Wendy Collis Manager, Information Management Systems Department of Finance, Services & Innovation NSW


  • Chris Foley Director Foley Business Consulting

Case Study

Data can hold huge potential which can be used to enable data-driven results. Warren will share how the City of Casey are using information to improve decision making.

- Shift thinking from records to information

- What trends can we derive from data?

- Use business intelligence platforms to gather your own insights with combined datasets

  • Warren Dean Senior Data Analyst City of Casey

Expert Commentary

ISO 38500 is the international standard for the corporate governance of IT. It also provides an excellent framework for ensuring all bases are covered for digital transformation. Mark will discuss how you can apply the framework to ensure a smooth transformation.

- Ensure clarity of responsibility for digital transformation

- Establish coherent and appropriate plans for the journey to the digital era

- Frame and deliver initiatives that enable the organisation to survive and thrive

  • Mark Toomey Executive Chair Digital Leadership Institute

Case Study

When going digital, organisations must adapt to changes in operations, processes and technology. In this session, Felicity will share advice on how to navigate the cultural change that transformation brings. 

- Integrate change management strategies with business initiatives 

- Encourage agile ways of working

- Uplift capability across the workforce

  • Felicity Georgakopoulos IT Engagement Transformation Lead, Digital Markets Telstra


For your digitisation plan to succeed, you must have the frameworks, policies and processes in place to meet regulatory, legal, and operational requirements. In this interactive panel, speakers will discuss how they are implementing effective Information Governance in their organisations.

- Develop a framework aligned with business outcomes and risks

- Balance the use and security of information

- Secure senior management support 

  • Trisha Lee Head of Data Risk & Compliance ANZ

  • Debra Prior Enterprise Information Manager AGL Energy

  • Kerri Ricketts Manager Information Management Goulburn-Murray Water

Case Study

Information management is an integral part of governance for any organisation as it helps to inform strategy, business improvement and policy development. It is especially important in Defence and the public sector where there is such a diverse portfolio.

- The role of IM for strategy and business improvement

- The importance of including IM within governance

- Improve policy development through vetting and reporting

Expert Commentary

To address the challenges posed by an ever changing Records Information Management landscape, organisations can use the Target Operating Model approach that incorporates both design and lean thinking. Join Andy as he advises how to use TOM to effectively implement your strategic RIM objectives.

- Use a holistic approach to change

- Understand the who, what and how of your entire RIM operations

- Identify which capabilities need to transform


  • Andy Corbett Managing Director S&O Consulting Group

Expert Commentary

As we advance further into the digital economy, we face a new set of complex and expanding pressures. Sachin will share his expertise in how using Agile delivery models can help you keep pace with changes and promote an environment of continuous delivery.

- Use business benefits as a driver

- Embrace a culture of collaboration

- Facilitate business efficiency

  • Sachin Mishra Independent Consultant Sachin Mishra

Conference Day 2 - 20 Feb - 08:55- 16:30

Case Study

The Australian Government is progressing its digital transformation agenda to deliver better and more accessible services. As 2020 approaches, join Eric to hear more about the aims and achievements of the Digital Continuity 2020 Policy.

- How are other agencies approaching the digital continuity challenge?

- How the archives’ tools can help your agency

- Emerging information management trends and how to be future-ready

  • Eric Swain Director a/g, Commonwealth Information Policy National Archives of Australia

Case Study

When working in large multinational organisations, data can be incredibly complex, making structure streamlining challenging. Learn to calm the chaos of these large and diverse data pools to facilitate better engagement and visualisation of information. 

-Understand the scale of the data pool in a large organisation

-Navigate the complex and chaotic environment

-Streamline data and information for client interaction

  • Belinda Hodkinson Digital Engineering Strategy Lead SMEC Australia Pty Ltd

Expert Commentary

As we venture into a world dominated by a digital presence, the issue of information security is a paramount concern. As a cyber security expert, Chris will discuss the ways to keep data secure.

- Steps for safeguarding data

- Privacy and big data

- The importance of openness about algorithms and processes

  • Chris Culnane Lecturer in the School of Computing and Information Systems University of Melbourne

Sponsor - Solution Spotlight

  • David Western Information Management Business Manager Grace - Information Management

Case Study

RIM is continually evolving and providing new opportunities, so how can you identify which new technologies to embrace? David will share his insights from Cardinia Shire Council's award-winning automated mail processing system project.

- Utilise AI to reduce costs and improve service

- Deliver data governance and services

- Align with industry standards

  • David Jackson Information Services Manager Cardinia Shire Council


When implementing new RIM technologies, it can be a struggle to get people to change their ways and come on board for the digitisation journey. In this interactive panel, speakers will share stories and advice on how they encouraged collaboration and user adoption within their organisations.  

- Moderate jargon to generate buy-in

- Increase user adoption

- Manage accountability for data

  • Adam Lindsay Director Collections, Access and Engagement State Archives and Records Authority of New South Wales

  • Craig de Rooden Global IT Head of Business Improvement and Transformation Toll Group

  • Gordon Maudsley Manager Digital, Information and Technology (CIO) City of Greater Geelong

  • Rod Apostol Manager Business Technology (CIO) City of Port Phillip

  • Alex Jones Chief Information Officer CitiPower, Powercor and United Energy

Case Study

Complete, reliable and authentic digital records of government business are critical to support planning, service delivery, mitigation of risk and accountability. The Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) ensures complete and meaningful digital records are preserved for as long as they are required by government and the community. Hear speakers from Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) on how VERS supports the Victorian Government.

- Design reliable, authentic and embedded digital recordkeeping

- Preserve and make permanent value digital records accessible

- Build capacity for future opportunities and challenges

  • Julie McCormack Acting Senior Manager, Government Recordkeeping Public Record Office Victoria

  • Elise Bradshaw Acting Coordinator, Digital Transfer & Documentation Public Record Office Victoria


This interactive roundtable provides the opportunity to discuss learnings from the summit and collaborate to overcome digitisation challenges.

- Reflect on your goals

- Highlight key lessons

- Streamline RIM processes

  • Chris Foley Director Foley Business Consulting

Post-Summit Workshop - 21 Feb - 08:30- 16:30


Enhancing leadership skills for Information Management and ICT Professionals 

- How Records, Information Management and ICT is evolving and how you can prepare for future challenges of disruptive change

- The importance of developing strong leadership skills for Records, Information Management and ICT Professionals

- Essential leadership qualities for Records, Information Management and ICT Professionals

- Understanding professional strengths and working together 

Transitioning from an IM specialist to become a strategic business enabler

- Growing beyond technical capabilities to develop analytical, strategic thinking and problem-solving skills

- Reflecting on your own leadership styles and drawing on your unique strengths

- What does 'great' or 'authentic' leadership mean to you?

- Building your influence as a Records, Information Management or ICT leader


Developing effective communication skills as an Information Management and ICT leader

- Breaking down complex jargons and processes to communicate effectively with non-IM business peers

- Providing clear direction and strategic goals

- Practical communication strategies to gain management buy-in

- How to demonstrate and present the ROI value of your IM project

Establishing networks and connection for IM and ICT project success

- Identifying and understanding the internal and external stakeholders that work within a Records and Information Management environment

- Practical approaches to build better connection, collaboration, and how to facilitate co-creation

- Supporting and partnering with others to achieve greater efficiency and productivity

  • Kate Fuelling Digital Excellence Consultant Kate Fuelling Consulting


Leading IM and ICT transformation

- Understanding how businesses are evolving and the impact to the existing IM and ICT structures in your organisation

- Aligning your IM and ICT transformation plan with the growing business needs

- Creating and leading an integrated IM and ICT approach – Navigating the common challenges

- How to drive incremental changes that lead to bigger transformation 

Developing skills for change management and leadership

- Leading an IM change project – what is required, what works, what doesn’t, and how to avoid the pitfalls

- Be aware of the risks involved

- Breaking down silos in an IM change management project

You as a change leader and enabler

- Communicating change effectively and in a timely manner

- Practical ways to approach resistance to change

- Managing difficult conversations

- Providing consistent messages around the visions and goals of your IM and ICT transformation plan

Digital by Design - creating and delivering a seamless user experience

- Users don’t understand systems – Understanding IM and ICT from the users’ perspective

- Embedding continuous improvement in your IM and ICT change project

- Building momentum through your project that facilitates to future change

- Supporting an organisational culture that welcomes innovation and change

  • Kate Fuelling Digital Excellence Consultant Kate Fuelling Consulting


Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

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(03) 9235 8000

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