The 10th Blended Learning & Innovation Summit

Discover the future of blended learning, maximise employee engagement & develop creative learning opportunities to push your organisation into the future

  • February 25th - 28th, 2019
  • Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney


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- Discover learning and development possibilities
- Embed emerging technologies in your learning approach
- Drive employee engagement in learning to maximise ROI
- Create interactive, networked and creative learning


Damian Andrews

National Training Manager
KONE Corporation

  • Melinda Bance
    Head of Capability & Professional Development
  • Daniella Rocco
    Head of LearningBank, Group Capability
  • Kieron Nicholls
    People and Performance Manager
    George Western Foods Limited
  • Iain Hay
    Director, Professional Learning and Engagement
    Macquarie University


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Download the brochure
Vision To Results - Creating A Blended Learning Culture
Blended learning essentials
Course design and innovative thinking
The Execution Gap – Excite, Engage, Embed
Holistic approaches to blended learning
Flipping the classroom
Engaging employees in the blend
Lead for a change
Innovate, integrate, motivate
Inspire mindset change - Creating a blended learning culture
Leverage your blended learning approach
Get the right mix
Build local, deploy global
From reflection to action
Blended Learning essentials that deliver results
Pre-Summit Workshop - 25 Feb


The introduction of technology and the transition to blended learning for professional development is rapidly growing. However, simply bringing technology into learning isn’t going to improve the end result. Giving students more control and flexibility over their learning can be especially useful, or potentially toxic, and therefore blended learning can either sustain a bad culture or help create a new one. Organisations need to create a culture that supports their blended learning strategy to ensure long-term success.

In this full-day, interactive workshop, you will learn how to create an inspiring vision for your blended learning culture, gain leadership buy-in and sponsorship, engage the wider organisation to help build learning solutions and ensure sustainability by creating blended change champions.

Create an inspiring vision for your blended learning culture

- Create learning approaches that are tailored to employee needs

- Encourage input from your workforce

- Provide feedback and celebrate successes

Gain leadership buy-in, alignment and sponsorship

- Identify the strategy and know your leaders 

- Clarify existing problems and show the solution

- Collaborate, consider timing and be invested

Engage and excite the wider organisation by getting them to help build the solution

- Communicate why change is necessary through frequent targeting communication

- Be collaborative and lead by example

- Measure your progress to assess baseline ‘buy-in’ at all levels of the organisation

Ensure sustainability in your blended learning approach 

- Align learning with company values

- Deliver employee-tailored content 

- Establish learning outcomes and intervene regularly

Conference Day 1 - 26 Feb

Case Study

Learn how to enhance your blended approach with emerging technology, empower your workforce with a personalised approach and discover best practice tips for a successful blended learning implementation in your organisation.

- Enhance your blended learning approach

- Empower and enable your workforce through personalisation

- Best practice tips and trends for successful blended learning

Case Study

Driving innovation and aligning learning strategies to organisational strategies in a financial institution is no easy task. Build capability through innovation, develop different approaches to implement learning and own your approach for successful integration and adoption.

- Develop a scrum approach to implement learning

- Build capability and excellence through innovation

- Be the driving force - Own your approach

  • Heather Timbs Head of Learning and Development Heritage Bank Limited

Expert Commentary

- Discover the route to achieving results faster because people want to

- Explore the rational & emotional drivers of strategy execution

- Reduce the risk of your blended learning strategy missing the mark

  • Glenn Price Director LeaderSHAPE Consulting

Case Study

Organisations often struggle to create well-rounded, all inclusive learning approaches. Discover how to engage employees through social and self-directed learning approaches to build future-focused capabilities and a holistic approach to blended learning.

- Craft a holistic approach to blended learning

- Engage employees through social and self-directed learning

- Build future-focused capabilities for success

  • Melinda Bance Head of Capability & Professional Development Westpac

  • Daniella Rocco Head of LearningBank, Group Capability Westpac


Blended learning reverses the traditional learning environment, delivering content through a combination of face-to-face learning and online/virtual alternatives. Discover the difference between eLearning and traditional learning, learn to integrate technology into your professional development and assess the right approach for your organisation.

- eLearning vs Traditional Learning (70/20/10)

- Integrate technology into teaching

- Assess the right approach for your organisation

  • Iain Hay Director, Professional Learning and Engagement Macquarie University

  • Peter Donohue Flexible Learning Coordinator Defence International Training Centre

  • Ingrid Massey Head of Learning and Development, Pacific CBRE

Case Study

To get the most out of your training and employees, it is important to ensure you are providing an engaging learning experience. Discover how to make your learning approach personal, relevant and rewarding to increase impact and make learning part of your corporate culture.

- Make it personal, tailored and relevant

- Keep it interesting and rewarding

- Incorporate learning as part of the corporate culture

Expert Commentary

To meet the emerging needs of your employees and lead change in your organisation, you must learn to inspire key stakeholders to get behind a blended learning approach, determine how best to measure the impact and return on investment for employees. This is essential to create change and remain competitive.

- Inspire your organisation to get behind a blended learning approach

- Measure the impact and return on investment of blended learning

- Leverage your blend to inspire change and beat the competition

Conference Day 2 - 27 Feb

Case Study

With advances in technology, blended learning has reemerged as the holy grail for educators and development professionals. Inspire innovation in your learning approach, successfully integrate blended learning in your organisation and motivate your employees to achieve success.

-Inspire innovation in your learning approach

-Successful integration of blended learning

-Motivate and engage your employees

  • Renault Phong Director, Strategic Workforce Planning & Organisational Development NSW Department of Industry

Expert Commentary

Developing a learning culture encourages continuous learning opportunities for sustainable growth. Learn how to inspire mindset change in your organisation and create a blended learning culture by communicating the right behaviours, providing professional recognition and delivering fast feedback.

- Communicate and measure the right behaviours

- Celebrate rock star learners with recognition

- Provide fast feedback and constantly update

Case Study

In an industry where proper training makes a world of difference, it is important to consider all the learning approaches available. Learn to drive employee engagement, match training needs and take issues such as scalability, costs and logistics into account to effectively develop your workforce. 

- Determine the right approach - scalability, logistics, costs

- Utilise suitable training materials for training needs

- Evaluate the effectiveness of learning

  • Kieron Nicholls People and Performance Manager George Western Foods Limited


With possibilities for improving the blended learning mix growing by the day, will more technology improve the blend or dilute the mix? Explore whether there is a perfect blend for learning and how to make it relevant.

- Is there a perfect blend?

- Make your learning relevant

- The pros and cons of online/virtual learning

  • Marek Kopias Retail Training Team Lead Caltex

  • Shane Jeffery Learning Manager AbbVie Inc.

  • Heather Cardin Capability Expert, Business & Private Bank ANZ Bank

  • Joshua van Gestel Head of Education and Communication Sunsuper

  • Paddy Evans 2nd Division Distributed Learning Project Team Leader Australian Army

Case Study

To be globally successful, it is important that leaders adapt messages and actions to resonate with the culture they are influencing. Harness advances in technology and the power of online learning to implement a blended learning approach and manage multicultural learning styles on a global scale. 

- Implement blended learning on a global scale

- Manage multicultural learning styles

- Is your company culture ready for blended?

  • Damian Andrews National Training Manager KONE Corporation


This final interactive session provides an opportunity to reflect on the skills, strategies and practical insights that have been discussed during the conference. Our expert facilitator, Maria Newport, will help you reflect on key learning outcomes, identify opportunities for blended learning within your organisation and develop a plan to apply the knowledge you've gained.

- Reflect on the tools and key learning outcomes from the conference

- Identify opportunity for blended learning within your organisation

- Develop a plan to implement the knowledge you've gained

Post-Summit Workshop - 28 Feb


Blended learning is a collaboration between teachers and their students with the goal of improving the learning experience. It engages employees, encourages deeper learning and saves the instructor time to focus on the learning experience. There are three core concepts for the implementation of a successful blended learning approach: engagement, enhancement and efficiency.

In this full-day interactive workshop, you will discover strategies for the successful implementation of blended learning approaches, explore practical applications to deliver JIT training, learn how to effectively incorporate blended learning into the workflow and develop strategies to evaluate the success of your learning approach.

Strategies for successful implementation of blended learning approaches

- Set goals and expectations in advance

- Create a flexible implementation strategy

- Cultivate a blended learning community

Practical applications of learning techniques to deliver JIT training

- Create a detailed roadmap - understand where the training gap exists

- Focus on relevant work-related tasks and skills

- Develop easily absorbed training materials and make them accessible

Effective incorporation of blended learning into the workflow

- Let employees take ownership of their learning 

- Structure training for maximum impact

- Develop learning tools that are easy to use and meet multiple needs

Evaluate the success of your blended learning approaches

- Use a blended evaluation approach 

- Leverage feedback to measure learning satisfaction and engagement

- Measure employee learning through assessment and real-time feedback


Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney

117 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

02 9253 9000

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