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Liquid Learning sponsorship opportunities vary and can be specially designed to suit the needs of your business development objectives. To enquire about potential sponsorship opportunities or find out how sponsoring a Liquid Learning event can better your brand please get in touch.

happy sponsors

  • “This is a stand-out event for me - very practical and actionable, very relevant, great opportunity. Really privileged to have attended.”
  • “The conference is an excellent catch up on the latest and greatest in the industry” …. “Great mix of speakers and my head is buzzing with ideas. Feeling very inspired”
    Managing Director
  • It's a great opportunity to network and more importantly, gain key insights on what challenges other organisations face and how they deal with them
    Senior Solution Strategist
    CA Technologies
  • "The conference was really great, it's wonderful to see so many people sitting there taking interest in the industry, the interesting questions they were asking shows just how engaged they were"
    Managing Director

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