Enhancing resilience in Retail and FMCG

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July 4, 2017
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July 6, 2017

Despite improved representation across the Retail and FMCG space, there is a significant imbalance between women and men in executive leadership roles. For women in retail and FMCG, it is critical they build skill sets to move into leadership, overcome challenges and bridge this gender divide. The requisite skills at this level may include negotiating, influencing stakeholders and managing change. It is vital that aspiring and emerging leaders establish a strong personal brand and master these skills in order to be successful in their careers.

Liquid Learning presents The 5th Annual Women in Retail and FMCG Leadership Summit 2017 which brings together aspiring, emerging, and accomplished female leaders in this unique environment. Delegates will be provided the opportunity to hear uplifting and inspiring testimonies from successful leaders in this space. This annual conference will be comprised of case studies, expert commentaries, and panel discussions that will divulge the critical skill sets required of female leaders. The learning is reinforced with optional full-day workshops that take a hands-on approach to developing the skills needed to excel.

Event theme: ‘Stepping up’

How did you take your career to the next level? What were the skills you needed to get there? We are asking speakers to reflect on how they have managed various transitions and challenges throughout their careers. This unique event aims to impart advice and inspiration to women aspiring to take their leadership to new heights.

Pre-Summit Workshop ‘Expand and strengthen your leadership toolkit to unlock your true potential’

Some say great leaders are born, others say they are made. Either way, prominent leaders utilise a unique skill set that contributes to their success and achievements. By breaking down and assessing the hard skills required in successful leadership, you can extend your capabilities and unlock your potential. You are your own biggest influencer, and equipping yourself with vital tools and skills can help you to become the ideal leader, whether it comes
naturally or not.


Expert Facilitator:

Kate Savage
People and Culture Consultant
Elbow Room Coaching

In this interactive and practical workshop, Kate will provide you with the crucial skills required to succeed and take control of your leadership career. Through methods and examples, she will introduce and analyse vital skills that will enable you to be the exceptional leader you know you can be and have you running on the path to success.



Post-Summit Workshop ‘The mental boost – Enhancing resilience in leadership’

The journey to exceptional leadership starts within, and maintaining a solid mental foundation is vital when dealing with inevitable hardships along the way. In a rapidly changing and highly competitive industry, the ability to cope when under pressure and to perform well in an uncertain environment is a fundamental skill that sets apart good leaders from great leaders. Consequently, it is a skill well worth investing in.


Expert Facilitator:

Deb Assheton
Expert Facilitator
The Amplify Group

This engaging workshop will explore the key skills that contribute to resilience in your leadership role. You will learn vital techniques to strengthen your mental resilience and refine your soft skills to deal effectively in an ever-changing landscape.

This is an outstanding networking and development opportunity not to be missed. Register your team early to be a part of this engaging conversation!


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