Developing an Authentic Indigenous Leadership Style

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July 28, 2017
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August 1, 2017

The first step to grasping the complexities of leadership is understanding what it means to you; personally, culturally and professionally. When developing a leadership style that is true to your values and represents you as an individual, it is critical to identify and utilise your strengths.

In the corporate setting, Indigenous women can draw on strengths that stem from their cultural background to construct a unique approach to leadership. There is ample opportunity to reflect on cultural values that promote support, confidence and encouragement to shape the authentic leadership style used in the workplace.

Meet Carol Vale:

Carol grew up in an Aboriginal Mission and experienced the varied complexities still persisting today for many Indigenous people, but who through fortunate circumstances and persistence created a career in government spanning three decades.

Carol also has a background as a senior manager in a range of government departments, including the NSW Department of Education and Communities, the Office of Aboriginal Affairs, and Housing NSW.

Carol will be facilitating an interactive workshop at The 6th Indigenous Women’s Leadership Summit, which is running on the 24th of August. This session will provide attendees with the tools and techniques necessary to identify strengths, build confidence and position oneself for career advancement. Participants will be reinforced with the skills to design an authentic leadership style that will pave the pathway to success.


  • Strengths-based leadership
  • Lead through confidence
  • Integrate culture with career
  • Plan for success

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