The Benefits of Mentorship for Employees, Leaders and Organisations

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June 20, 2018
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The Benefits of Mentorship for Employees, Leaders and Organisations

Benefits Mentorship

The value of mentorship continues to be undervalued, but it remains a cost-effective and mutually beneficial development opportunity. On the individual level, mentees profit from the direct guidance and the development of new skills, while mentors can fine-tune their active listening and communication skills. On an organisational level, mentorship programs provide a cost-effective way to boost employee engagement, retention and boost overall productivity.

Did you know? Some of the world’s most successful and high-profile leaders have attributed great value to their mentorship experiences.

  • Oprah Winfrey was mentored by the late Maya Angelou (author and poet)
  • The late Steve Jobs mentored Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg
  • Virgin Group co-founder Richard Branson was mentored by British airline entrepreneur Sr Freddie Laker, which helped him get his business off the ground


Benefits for Mentees

While a mentorship is particularly beneficial for younger employees/graduates, a mentor can be valuable for anyone looking to build confidence and develop their skill set. Mentees also benefit in a variety of different ways, too:

  • Helps the mentee refine their communication skills
  • Gives the mentee an opportunity to practise receiving constructive feedback
  • Teaches the mentee relationship-building and client management skills
  • Builds the mentee’s networking confidence and wealth of contacts


Benefits for Mentors

Mentors typically have a refined skill set and proven leadership skills under their belt, but that doesn’t mean mentoring can’t add value to their career.

  • Mentoring helps strengthen their active listening and communication skills
  • Enhances their ability to build meaningful relationships
  • Gives them an opportunity to practise giving constructive feedback
  • Adds meaning and fulfilment through teaching and responsibility


Organisational Benefits

Put simply, mentorship programs allow businesses to capitalise on their most important resource – employees. Investing in employee development contributes to growth, innovation and bottom-line profits. Additionally, organisations can benefit from mentorship programs in other ways:

  • Demonstrates a commitment and care to invest in employees, helping retention and engagement
  • Improves talent acquisition efforts and reduces training costs
  • Boosts productivity and bottom-line results

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