8 Types of Co-Worker – Which One Are You?

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June 6, 2017
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It’s common knowledge that no two snowflakes are identical. They each have their own unique shape, weight, and intricate design to separate them from the rest … just like each person in your work environment.

How does the frosty weather relate, you ask?  Well, when you look up from your digital devices and around your workplace, there is an array of different people with equally different personalities; no two the same, just like a snowflake. But even snowflakes are categorised. As you move around from company to company, your job will change, people will change, even you will change in some aspect but the few things that remain constant are the various types of co-workers.

The ‘Second Boss’

The day your manager is absent for work, you’ll find yourself faced with the co-worker who naturally assumes the title of ‘acting manager’. Oddly enough, they may act more like a manager than your actual manager (yikes!). But, while they might not seem like the most fun person to be around in that moment, you’ll find that, sometimes, a little bit of authority is better than none.

The ‘All-Star’

It’s like they ate a yellow ‘Super Star’ on the Mario Kart race track and nothing can hold them down. They’re always on time, understand new tasks effortlessly, and have the ability to strike up a conversation with everyone at ease. Think that it’s unlikely that such a co-worker exists? Maybe you haven’t met them yet … or perhaps, you are this person.

The One That’s Always Late

What is the concept of time? Better yet, why does it work against me? From failed alarm clocks or missing the bus to spotting a UFO, you’ll find yourself meeting the co-worker who will always entertain the team with their daily rendition of, “Sorry, I was late because…”.

As time passes and the routine continues, you’ll be used to this coworker’s schedule; it’s very possible that you’ll also start awaiting the next scenario of why they were late.

The ‘Wallflower’

There is a special kind of co-worker who is tends to be invisible in plain sight. Now, it’s not because they’re ignored, but because they find comfort in their own little bubble. They observe and sometimes miss cues while they’re so engrossed in their own little world but it’s quite an endearing sight that this person can block out excessive noise effortlessly.

The ‘Socialite’

The ‘socialite’ is the employee who is always readily available for a social event with other co-workers on any night of the week; you need only ask. There may be one in the office but, in many instances, there are heaps (sometimes even whole departments). The benefit of this ‘socialite’ is that they know all the great hot spots to eat and drink!

The ‘Caffinator’

I need my morning coffee at 7am to wake up for work.

10am? Caffeine replenishment!

Is that my energy waning at 3pm? Looks like I need a coffee break.

We’ve all bumped into that one person in the office who always has a hot cup of coffee in their hand. It’s almost like they have an invisible assistant that trails them, constantly topping up their mug before the liquid disappears.

The ‘Snack Master’

Also known as the person who most likely has your back when you feel your stomach rumble and hears its hollow complaint of hunger echo to the other side of the planet. Whether it be a sugar-kick or something salty, this employee has you covered at any time of the day with chips, an assortment of nuts, or chocolate (maybe even cupcakes if you’re lucky!).

The ‘Medic’

A headache, sore throat, or paper cut and the office medical bag looks half a world away? Your co-worker might have been a doctor in their previous life with the amount of medicine and bandages they’ve got on hand for your ailment.

Ah, co-workers…they’re like your family away from home. Each of them are different and each has their own quirks. And, just when you think you’ve met them all – you’re introduced to the newest co-worker who speaks in only music lyrics…

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